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The business decisions a CEO makes this winter will shape the future of their business. In this blog we explore why adopting enterprise software should be one of those decisions. According to a study carried out by Statista, the money spent on enterprise software has been growing steadily since 2009; in 2019 it amounted to 456 billion U.S. dollars worldwide. The pest, lawn, and arbor industries are certainly part of this trend. Fortune Business Insights estimates that adopting pest control software bolsters sustainable growth.

In this blog, we will examine how using field enterprise software like ServSuite™ enhances a business’ ability to collect and analyze data leading to sustainable growth.

Access Advanced Reporting to Make Smarter Business Decisions

ServSuite™ was first launched as a pest control software program over 25 years ago. Our vision was to design a solution that would help PMPs work smarter not harder. Over the years ServSuite™ has evolved. Today it is also used as both arbor care software and a lawn care system. However, our vision remains the same. 

Moreover, scalable Field Service enterprise software will have advanced reporting capabilities. Reporting empowers business owners. It gives them control over data privileges with their staff.

Measure And Manage Productivity For Better Profitability

Evaluating staff productivity during 2020 is easy with field enterprise software. Using software to run a paperless business means that measuring and managing productivity can be done with just a few clicks. That is to say automating tasks such as billing, routing, and scheduling makes running a field service business more efficient. It can also help manage productivity for better profitability long term.

Above all, using technology to manage business operations allows business owners to collect useful data. That is to say, data that can be analyzed to make business decisions that increase profit. For example, it is easy to analyze the profitability of routes when managing routing with a field service program like ServSuite™.

Streamline Time Consuming Processes For Sustainable Efficiency

As Benjamin Franklin famously said, time is money. It was true in 1748 and it is still relevant to tradesmen. Enterprise software can help transform pest, lawn, and arbor businesses into extremely efficient operations by automating time consuming tasks. 

Did you know that only 20% of the working day is spent on important tasks? Tasks with little impact account for the other 80%. Using technology for time-consuming tasks leads to better time management which leads to sustainable efficiency. Which brings us back to the maxim above – by saving time, a business can save money, resulting in increased profits. 

In conclusion, if you are not already using an enterprise software solution like ServSuite™ consider booking a discovery call to take a first step towards unbridled growth.

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