In last week’s blog post we spoke about building a dialogue with your pest control customers in order to support your marketing strategy. This week we will cover a few ideas about what to post on social media to promote your pest control company.

Quality Content

Quality content is the first thing to remember, and take everything from there. It’s important that your followers and customers are interested in what you have to say – since it’s not just about posting, but also about getting them to engage with your posts. It’s all about that dialogue.

Real People Posts

Don’t be afraid to show that there are real people working for your company. Don’t be afraid to create an online personality. Have fun when creating your content!

Call to Action

Everything you post needs to call to action. This is how you will keep the dialogue going.


Infographics are another way to go. Your customers will appreciate the visual content, but also you will educate your customers on why they need your pest control services.

Trending Hashtags

Make use of popular topics and use trending hashtags. Holidays, popular positively associated occasions, etc – they are all good things to post about.

Photos and Videos

Photos and videos are great for social media engagements. This should be real content, created by your employees and you.

Final Words

Finally, you will need to make sure your good content is reaching your customers. Create special promotions that require following you on social media. Test different channels. Try not to post the same content to all channels since they all have a different purpose. Make sure you work on getting some excellent testimonials and share those. Maybe you can even get guest posts from relevant sources in the pest control industry.


P.s. Don’t forget about memes.

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