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It’s safe to say that 2020 is not going as planned in more ways than one. However, there are three SaaS trends that have held true so far this year. This year, the security and ease of use of your data continue to be of key importance. The following emerging trends prove exciting for PMPs and the way in which pest management businesses are managed. Despite the challenges, one thing is clear, mobile pest control software will continue to be essential.

1. Product-led Growth

At ServicePro™, we consider ourselves to be a customer-led company. Our field service software is designed to help PMPs run their businesses in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. By focusing on the software solution that you need you can save time and money long term growth. 

From organizing your routes to keeping tabs on your fleet ServSuite™ has a range of modules that can resolve your business needs. Pest control scheduling software such as ours is a surefire way to keep you and your team organized. Focus on the parts of your business that can be automated. This reduces the losses caused by human error and also strengthens your long term growth. As your business grows ensure that you have the software products that you need to accompany this growth is essential.

A GPS pest control software may not be the first solution that springs to mind when strategizing the next six months but consider its importance. Taking care of your employees and your property in a time of uncertainty is essential. Tracking driver behavior and vehicle location not only helps you feel more confident in planning the year ahead but also helps you ensure a professional image for your company. 

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2. A mobile-first mindset

The mobile-first approach is not new to the top SaaS trends list but it is certainly growing in importance. Back in January, we may not have known quite how important it would become as social distancing becomes the norm. Field service software is the only way to ensure field and office stay connected throughout the day. Enhancing your operations by using a pest control app allows you to manage operations on the fly, making your business more agile and robust in the face of the challenges ahead.

We designed ServSuite™ mobile pest control software with the needs of our industry in mind. Empowering your technicians to access all the information they need to complete a service. From tracking chemical use to completing work orders, the ServSuite™ mobile app is the perfect field companion. Keeping office and field staff on the same page day in day out. 

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3. Customer-centricity

It is a universal truth that the customer is always right. Engaging with customers and their needs is central to developing a pest control service software solution. As a family-owned business with a pest control service background, every product that we design is built with PMPs field service software needs in mind. 

Communication is the first step to customer satisfaction. With ServSuite™ you can set up two-way text messaging, ensuring smooth communication week in, week out. Additionally, this helps you keep a record of your customer interactions which can be useful when discrepancies arise. 

To ensure effective communication, PMPs need to leverage mobile pest control software such as ServSuite™. The ability to adapt and enact changes at the drop of a hat has never been more pressing. Not only does pest control software such as ours help you stay agile, but it also gives your customers a professional impression. This enhances their trust in your services for the long term. 

Do you agree with our predictions for the upcoming SaaS trends – or have something to add? Let us know in the comments!

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