It’s no secret that customer reviews are key to running a successful business and improving your online reputation. ServicePro is delighted to announce its partnership with Podium. Podium is an Interaction Management™ platform that uses the convenience of messaging to help local businesses win more leads, earn repeat customers, and do more as a team. We invited Podium to speak at ServSuite University Nashville this February. They shared their tips on reputation management in the pest control industry.

Podium is an industry-leading Interaction Management™ platform for local businesses to communicate with customers in a convenient, simple way. By opening up the communication channel they provide an opportunity for businesses to listen to their customers’ feedback. This provides useful insights into the customer experience and creates an opportunity to invite customers to share it online.

Brad Jenson’s General Session at ServSuite University

Brad Jenson, executive vice president of business development at Podium, spoke at the General Session at ServSuite University Nashville. He talked about how pest control businesses can create successful communication with modern customers. Customer behavior today is much more interactive and mobile than it was in the past. Pest control businesses need to address their online reputation in order to build trust with current and future customers. Here are three recommendations from his talk:

1. Use text messaging for success.

Remember that customers are increasingly mobile. They are much more likely to engage with a text message than an email. Plus, a text is more efficient than a phone call. In the time that it takes to complete one phone call, a service representative can respond to three text messages.

2. Set proper expectations.

Before a technician leaves the premises they should explain to the customer when and how they will receive a review invite and why it’s important for them to share their experience.

3. Make it easy.

The simpler it is for customers to provide feedback – the more feedback they’ll provide.

To find out more about Podium, please follow this link.

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