Nobody can deny that these are tough times but our industry is rising to the occasion. Pest control, arbor care, and lawn management are considered essential industries and as such will be able to continue to operate even where strict shelter orders are enforced. Sanitation Services are considered essential work because they are needed for public health and to secure food sources. In this blog post, we aim to inform you about how ServSuite™ can help you weather this storm by targeting Sanitation Services.

Sanitation 101

If you’re not already offering Sanitation services there are some important things to consider before doing so:

  • Insurance:  Disinfection services are not traditionally provided by the industry, so you will need to check with your insurance provider to verify or add new coverage if available. 
  • Licensing and Certification: Requirements might vary from state to state. Check with your government officials if there are any licensing requirements in your area. 
  • Equipment: Compared to your regular services, sanitation services will have different equipment requirements. In most instances, the products used will determine the equipment needed.  
  • Products: When using antimicrobial products to disinfect, the EPA regulations will determine the kinds of services you can offer. The product labels will include guidelines to follow when providing an effective sanitation service. 
  • PPE: Any sanitation services you offer must follow CDC guidelines on matters such as social distancing and PPE. 
  • Contract and Agreements: Create a stand-alone contract for sanitation services, where you can lay guidelines, procedures, and price point for your customers. 

Demonstrating to customers how you are keeping them and your employees safe will help grow their confidence in your services.

ServSuite™ is Here to Help

Promote Sanitation Powerfully

Communicating with customers clearly about the sanitation services that you offer will give you a competitive advantage. ServSuite™ Smart Branding lets you customize your invoices and other customer communications to inform them of the services you offer. By communicating these visually you stand to gain more new business.

Maximize your Operations

The unprecedented situation will present your business with new operational challenges. Now is a great time to consider optimizing your routing in order to manage your technicians’ schedules as efficiently as possible. ServSuite™ Intelligent Routing will ensure that your technicians’ are safely servicing as many accounts as possible. This module is also flexible, allowing you to modify routes as changes in schedules arise.

Keep your Customers Notified

During this crisis, businesses can expect to see more schedule changes than usual. Maintaining a professional impression will increase your customers’ confidence in your service. The ServSuite™ Notifications Module allows you to keep customers informed through pre-recorded messages – via text, email, or phone.

Momentum is Key

As the situation develops changes are happening quickly. ServSuite™ can help you stay organized by automating and enhancing key office tasks. Ensuring your customers are aware of your sanitation services is the first step in securing new business. With Print to Mail, your statements and invoices for new services can be customized to reflect these and are mailed with just one click.

Digital Proposals

In order to adhere to social distancing advice and keep your customers and employees safe, you will need to digitalize your operations. This includes your lead cycle. With ServSuite™ Digital Proposals you can lock down contracts without ever shaking hands. Staying safe doesn’t have to mean losing out on sales.

We put together a video to give you a quick overview of how ServSuite™ can help you manage sanitation services.

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