Have a look at our latest Print to Mail video that explains this entire process a little better.

In a few words: Print to Mail is a zero-risk solution that saves your pest control business money.

Print to Mail helps you send out invoices, statements and renewals, without the hassle and also – for less money. It’s easy and risk-free:

No Minimum Number of Letters Required

  • No Setup Fee
  • No Contract Term
  • No Cancellation Fee

When you send mail the old way, you need to print out your invoices/statements/renewals, put them in envelopes, address and stamp them, and send them out.

Click a Button. We Do the Rest

With Print to Mail, you simply pull up your list, click a button, and we do the rest!

We handle the printing which saves you paper and ink, also folding, stuffing envelopes, including a return envelope, attaching First Class postage, and mailing to your customers within 24 hours.

We do it for LESS money – only $.61 per piece!

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