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This week, we’ve prepared a blog post for you going into details about E-Connect, the Client Web Portal for pest control companies, where users can login and handle their information. It’s an online customer access platform. E-Connect or Client Web Portal can give your company an easy-to-work-with professional image.

If you’ve never used it before, the best way to picture it is imagine a section on your website, with the same look and feel as your company branding. Here your customers can access some information related to their account. They get their own username and password, and this way – you can control what they get to see on the portal. You can also get an admin password – which will allow your employees to access the portal and collect requests that have been made online.

From the web portal, your pest control customers will be able to, first of all, make general service requests. Later, they can come back and view scheduled services. They can even view history of services to make sure they are keeping their property clean. Furthermore, customers can choose to make online credit card payments with E-Connect. They can pay invoices, but also view payments, statements, and balance (invoices and statements can also be printed). After the service has been completed, they can also check to see what has been found on their property, as other important details. On commercial accounts your customers can see reports, trend analysis, and drawings.

Online Access for Pest Control Customers

With E-Connect, your clients can sign up for emails on renewals. This means, they can get notified when they need to renew their contract with your pest control company. They can also get pre-notification emails, notifying them of their pending service. You can also send them postcards – promoting a certain new service, discount, or other special offer.

Our online access platform, E-Connect, has often been compared to an online retail platform. Call us to find out more!

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