Collage New Orleans

We vividly remember the last time we went to NOLA for ServSuite University. Amazingly talented musicians playing the streets and bars, perfect February weather, and really – just the entire magic surrounding the city. One word: unforgettable. Well, you’ve guessed right! ServSuite University 2020 takes us to New Orleans, Louisiana, and we couldn’t be happier. You can click here to visit our website and get more info. For a limited time, you can make use of our early-bird discount!

It’s not that we just keep saying this each year – but it does keep getting better and better. We host our loyal customers at our user conference to learn and network through hours of fun. At the same time – we as a company learn and grow too. It’s a mutually beneficial event that makes for some invaluable connections and memories.

Learning at ServSuite University

There are so many aspects to the learning at ServSuite University. First, classes are taught by the people who invented, programmed, and tested ServSuite software. Talk about a valid source of information. Second, during the event we offer workshops – something that our customers have been asking for years. The workshops provide you with hands-on experience. Here, you get to work with real-life scenarios and go through the motions as you would do when running your business. Last, and definitely receiving the highest praises for years – our one-on-one support hours. You get to book an appointment with your team lead for free, and discuss any possible challenges you might be facing.

What’s New about ServSuite University?

We have a few new things to share with you at this year’s ServSuite University too. Some things have become a cherished tradition of ours, and others just keep getting better each year. This year you’ll be able to log in to the brand new ServSuite University App (more info soon) and book your one-on-one support time. Might we add – our highly rated one-on-one support time. You will also we able to sign up for the implementation workshops. In the same app, you’ll be able to view the schedule once it becomes available, and also download presentations once the event has passed.

More information on our ServSuite University app will become available soon. Until then, you can go to our website, find more information, and register for the event.

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