Have you heard the one about the field industry software conference in New Orleans?

This year was our 12th ServSuite™ University and perhaps the best ever! Each year, the whole ServicePro team looks forward to our annual user conference. Firstly, because we welcome the opportunity to teach our customers the benefits of our pest control, lawn care, and arbor care software solution and also because it gives us the chance to meet you – our customers. 

Here at ServicePro™, relationships come first. We value meeting everybody, from our brand new customers to our ServSuite™ veterans. Every year I encourage attendees to get to know our team face to face; whether at lunch or between classes, ServSuite™ University is the perfect opportunity to engage and share.

Everybody will have their own highlights of the event, here are my ServSuite™ University 2020 highlights:

ServSuite™ Expert User Led Class Success

Our expert user-led classes offer useful perspectives from which they impart knowledge. This year, we invited Steve and Theresa Martinko, owners of Contenders Tree and Lawn Specialists to share their tips on using ServSuite™ to run their arbor and lawn care business. We also had the pleasure of hosting Sheri Spencer, the owner of Spencer Pest Control. Sheri who talked about how the ServSuite™ pest control software solution, and in particular ServSales™, can help grow your pest control business. 

Communication Spotlight

Mandy Berkowitz, the founder of The Image Marketing Group, was our keynote speaker this year. Her talk centered on how pest control, lawn and arbor care companies can create successful communication strategies in order to grow.

Tech Room Boom

Once again, the ServicePro™ Team rocked the Tech Room! We opened the Tech Room to all attendees and invited them to book time with their team. By booking time in the Tech Room, attendees were able to get their ServSuite™ questions answered one-on-one. The best news of all is that this year’s one-on-one support saw record attendance numbers! 

Making Networking Work

The Big Easy offered the perfect backdrop for networking at University! As CEO of ServicePro™, I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed and valued the opportunity to catch up with all our customers in attendance. Manning’s was the ideal spot for getting to know each other and the food was delicious.

Future Focused

As an innovative company, we are always striving to improve the ServSuite™ experience. ServSuite™ University provides us with a unique opportunity to listen to customers and use their feedback to develop our future plans. Stay tuned for some exciting developments in 2020!

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