Barcode Scanning On-the-Go for Pest Control Companies

At ServicePro pest control software, we know how tough and time-consuming tasks can be for your employees in the field. Field technicians have quite a load to carry with them as they travel from one stop to another on their routes: equipment, service kits, inventory, and handhelds among others. Carrying all of this stuff can prove to be cumbersome and inefficient. This is why we are extremely excited to add new functionality to ServSuite’s mobile capabilities through the Commercial Barcoding App. This mobile pest control software app is available on Android and Apple iOS devices so you can choose from devices like Samsung Galaxy S4, IPhone 5, and IPad Air, to make your field technician’s work easier with two essential features.

Ease of Use

ServSuite pest control software’s Commerical Barcoding for iOS and Android app is integrated in the same mobile app we already offer, so it is incredibly easy to use and learn. The app essentially allows field technicians to scan hundreds of barcodes and update information through their mobile devices. Barcodes can be scanned either through the camera function on a smartphone or through a rugged Bluetooth scanner used wirelessly connected to a mobile device. As pest control technicians scan barcodes in the field, they can organize these codes into different categories such as facilities, zones, and inspection points helping them breeze through other fields including Inspection Point Status, Target Pest Species Identified, Observations, and Materials Used. Scanning barcodes can help eliminate errors and the pest control software Mobile App automatically helps identify the bait station as new or currently in use to efficient service and add new inspection points.

Being able to compile and organize information in this way will help your employees’ work in the field become easier and more efficient, which will help your pest control company run smoother and increase profitability. In addition, your pest control technicians will no longer have to carry around those bulky handhelds.

Paperless Environment

Another great feature of the Commercial Barcoding App is its ability to allow your pest control company to work within a paperless environment. Usually, a lot of paper is involved in your company’s day to day activities when recording, servicing, and possibly re-entering information on commercial accounts. You as well as your employees in the field are constantly filling out work orders, invoices, reports, and other documents. However, the barcoding app expands on ServSuite’s paperless features by allowing your employees to easily update company information and complete work orders without having to write anything down on paper. This not only saves your company time and money, but it is also great for the environment!

Overall, the Commercial Barcoding App is a great new feature of our pest control software. By using new and evolving technologies, this app as well as ServSuite’s other pest control software mobile features for iOS and Android help increase pest control company profitability by improving efficiency and decreasing the amount of supplies needed to get things done. We hope you and your company will enjoy this new feature of ServSuite, and we look forward to continuing to innovate and provide you with new pest control software technologies.

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