Learn about our pest control software companyWhere to start? Do we start from stating the fact that the Mobile App allows you to synchronize technician schedules? And what about the fact that it can be used for you to finish literally all of your office work? And it can do this while you are out in the field? Consequently, all of this makes the ServSuite Mobile App your best pest control field companion!

You can use it with or without a data connection, but using it with one certainly has its advantages. Once a technician is out to perform their daily services, they can send enroute emails. Additional services and events can be added to the route they are following and this can be done from the office. This means the office and field technician will be able to keep their schedules synced. If necessary, history of services and estimates can be viewed as well. A pest control technician can view basic information for a certain account, and even take credit card payments on the spot. You can use the Mobile App for Commercial Barcoding which allows a technician to scan barcodes through the camera function on a smartphone or through a Bluetooth scanner.

Our Mobile App is seamlessly integrated with the core ServSuite pest control enterprise software. Furthermore, it can be used with our ServSign feature, as well as with our GPS Vehicle Tracking module. We will discuss these in future posts here.

Going Mobile – Crucial to the Growth of Your Pest Control Business

The ServSuite pest control software Mobile App can be used to complete proposals, follow up on leads, even sign documents. You can use it to get more done in less time, and use it with numerous gadgets and integrated services. Please call our sales team to find out all the advantages of using the Mobile App and how it can help you grow your business!

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