ServSuite pest control software can help you with so many office and field tasks!

The ServicePro team is lucky enough to attend trade shows year round and present ServSuite pest control software to numerous professionals. By talking to attendees they are able to stay up to date with the challenges of running a modern pest control business. There are three expensive logistical challenges our customers encounter on a daily basis so we’ve come up with solutions that save them time and money. In this blog post we will look at the three main areas of concern for pest management firms: route optimization, fleet tracking and customer service and how ServSuite’s Intelligent Routing, GPS and Notifications features provide solutions to all three.

Finding the Optimal Route

Manual scheduling is time consuming and wide-open to human error. That’s why ServSuite’s Intelligent Routing Module takes care of it for you. Intelligent Routing stops services and technicians from overlapping. It allows for scheduling at a given time range, and easily editing the route start time. You can create templates and use those for multiple routes, and select multiple detailed preferences on multiple levels. You can even leave minutes available for new sales. Just use the option of a time gap on a certain route and technicians can expand business in the area.

Fleet Tracking

Are your drivers taking longer than expected to complete routes? Extended routes or unplanned deviations eat into profit on a huge scale. ServSuite pest control software offers a GPS Vehicle Tracking module. It allows you to install a GPS black box in your vehicle, and get real-time updates in a set interval. A real highlight is that it compares the planned schedule with the route actually taken. Because ServSuite software started by being your back office route optimization tool, it now offers a complete tracking solution.

Customer Service

Keeping customers happy starts with arriving on time, but customers may forget when the appointment has been scheduled. No shows cost Pest Control Businesses a lot of money. So what’s the answer? Calling customers to remind and confirm appointments takes up valuable time that office staff could use on other tasks. ServSuite automates this process with the Notifications module. It helps you remind your customers of their upcoming appointments without having to call. All you need to do is schedule the notification and the appointment in question. Then you choose the notification type, and ServSuite will get the job done!

Make sure to chat to our Sales Team for further info on any of the modules above.

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