Columbus, OH (E-Release) –

ServicePro is proud to announce the release of the newest addition to the ServSuite family of products, ServSales. ServSales is a standalone application that integrates with ServSuite for a web-based or mobile sales production tool. This amazing solu-tion that helps users turn sales prospects into leads and customer accounts, promises to keep the sales operations running smoothly. ServicePro will be showcasing ServSales at the upcom-ing ServSuite University users conference.

The ServSales App works on multiple platforms, has a scheduling feature, and it can also help users prospect in the neighborhoods they are already servicing using mapping and location ser-vices. Once out in the field, it automatically populates an address, and saves time. It also serves to store and manage proposals, as well as take digital signatures once a document is ready to be signed. It allows users to manage prospect callbacks, customer visits, tasks, and history. ServSales is the ideal technology platform to perform sales prospecting, canvassing, summer sales programs and cloverleafing.

A solution like ServSales is perfect to help you grow your business in an easy-to-manage software platform!

For more information on ServSales please visit or contact pest control software consultant at or 614-874-4300.

About ServicePro:

ServicePro, Inc. is a family-owned and operated company founded in the late 1990’s. Its main office is located in Columbus, Ohio and has representatives in Europe, South America, and Asia. The company specializes in developing software solutions that meet the business needs of the pest management and service industry. Best known for ServSuite and ServBasic, the company’s technologies have been used by hundreds of pest management organizations worldwide. Their application – ServSuite Mobile – is the first mobile Pest Control Enterprise Software that allows customers to complete sales and service functions on multiple mobile op-erating systems, in a paperless environment, and is a leading technology in commercial moni-toring software.

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