How to review a year like 2020…

It would be an understatement to say that 2020 was not what we expected. There have been challenges along the way and some unwelcome surprises. However, as a company and as an industry we have adapted and risen to the occasion. As we look back on our ServicePro™ year, we are proud of how our team and our customers have pulled together. Here is our year in review.

ServSuite™ Insider

Andy Deering, ServicePro™ field service software CEO was disappointed to think that he would miss out on meeting customers at tradeshows and face to face events this year. In order to stay connected to customers, he set up ServSuite™ Insider. Each month he shares a video, guiding viewers through the latest and greatest ServSuite™ developments. From the New Account User Interface to the new Reporting Engine, Andy personally takes viewers on a tour of pest control software innovations.  

ServSuite University Goes Virtual 

Covid-19 has meant adapting plans, events, and operations. As a pest control, lawn care, and arbor software company our annual user conference is an essential part of our working year. Not only does it provide the opportunity to create unique learning opportunities for customers, but it also allows for the ServicePro™ team to listen and learn from customers. The health and safety of customers and employees is of the utmost importance. Accordingly, it was decided that ServSuite™ University 2021 will take place virtually! The whole team is excited to embark on this unique learning, and networking adventure next year.

Kim O’Connor Receives Top Award

As has been noted, the ServicePro™ commitment to empowering women in the industry is long-standing. From pioneering sponsorship of groups like Professional Women in Pest Management and Women in Tree Care to internal policies, ServicePro™ has demonstrated time and time again its proactive approach to helping women in the industry progress.  ServicePro™ CIO Kim O’Connor was recognized as one of the Top 50 Female Leaders in SaaS by The Software Report. Above all, the award recognizes her dedication to inclusivity and diversity in the workplace, something the whole team can attest to.

kim o connor leader in saas

Celebrating the Continued Partnership with the NPMA at PestWorld

The ServicePro™ team was honored to be part of this year’s groundbreaking PestWorld event. It may have been a virtual affair, but that did not dampen the spirits of the industry. The NPMA pulled out all the stops to make PestWorld a dynamic event for sponsors and attendees alike. Indeed, the spirit of the event was very much present in all the networking and booth activities. Once again, the whole team was on hand to answer questions and share their ServSuite™ knowledge. 

servicepro pestworld 2020 booth

We Launched ServSales

As the pandemic progressed, it became clear that a robust mobile sales software solution was needed. ServSales, which is powered by ServSuite™, is exactly that. A mobile prospect and sales management software that helps field service operators manage their sales pipeline – from the office and the field. For example, it promotes organization through its calendar and enables technicians and sales representatives to prospect in a contactless way, wherever they are. Similarly, the mobile sales management software app helps pest, lawn care, and arbor businesses track their sales activities in order to make data-driven decisions that promote growth. 

servsales sales management software

Stay tuned for the brand new ServSales blog, due to be launched early next year!

In conclusion, 2020 has presented many challenges. As an industry, we were able to rise to meet them. Let’s make 2021 a successful ServicePro™ year to remember.

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