This week, we will be talking about one of our latest additions, designed to help you improve your brand image by achieving exceptional customer service in your pest control business. ServSuite pest control software now allows its user companies to create a personalized Survey in order to get a detailed customer feedback.

Using Surveys so that your customers can rate your business will give you an easy-to-work-with image. You will be able to build a better professional relationship, but also use their feedback to gauge how you can improve your business offerings. You will be able to build a better and stronger relationship with your employees too, by getting the opportunity to reward your pest control technicians whenever they’ve done a great job, or educate them based on the feedback. One thing’s for sure, Surveys will help you build better company practices, and by this help your business grow.

Surveys give you a lot of options. You can send a more specialized survey about a technician’s performance right after services have been completed, or send surveys that grade the general work your pest control company does. This means you can send them right after the service has been done, or at any other chosen time. Your company can be rated together with the quality of services it provides, and you can also get a customer’s perspective on the technician who provided it.

Surveys can be found in Setup > Survey Setup > Add New Survey. This will redirect you to a link with 3 tabs: Design Survey, Analyze Results, and Publish Survey.

Under the Design Survey option, you can control the question types for the survey, you can place your company logo, choose a title, or add a description. If you decide that your Survey should contain a description, you can here describe the service provided, and details on the technician who provided it. Adding your company’s logo will make your Survey more personalized. You can also change the color of text and header.

Survey Question Types

When creating your Survey you can go with 7 different editable types of questions: drop down, radio button, ranking, multiple select checkbox, textbox, multiple text boxes, multiple ranking type. This gives you a lot of variations which will help you get a more detailed insight into your customer’s needs.

Sharing Your Survey with Your Pest Control Customers

Your Survey can be sent via weblink, embed on a webpage, or by copying the link and pasting it in an email or on social media. After the survey results have been received, these can be analyzed and published as desired.

Call us to learn more about Surveys, and start improving the way you do business!

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