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ServSuite pest control software brings your business into the future with marketing, management, reporting, mobile, and supporting features.

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pest control software saves moneyImprove Logistics & Operations

Spend less time managing your business by using business automation features and more time growing your profits.

auto billing payment softwareIncrease Cash Flow

Get paid faster! From mobile payments to auto-billing, offer your customer flexible payment options and accessibility.

sales and marketing software for pest controlElevate Customer Satisfaction

Better communication equals happier customers. Reduce customer churn with powerful sales and marketing modules.

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You're always covered with our unlimited ServSuite software support.

Why Choose ServSuite for your Pest Control Software?

scheduling software for businessServSuite cloud technology pest control software solution brings your business to the future. Get a free demo to find out more about the great features and functions that come with ServSuite™ software for pest control. Whether you need scheduling software, route management software, marketing services, a mobile application to use out in the field, or just business management software, we have the software solution to meet your needs.

ServSuite Features

ServSuite provides a wide variety of tailored features and functions for your service industry business. Whether you are in need of scheduling software, a mobile app, or business management software, we have the software solution to match your needs.

Intelligent Routing

Our pest control routing software comes with innovative drag-and-drop scheduling features. It utilizes advanced algorithms for easy scheduling. In short, it allows you to select the best available routes by dragging and dropping, as well as setting a buffer time (time range when you want your service to be scheduled). With it, you can optimize your operations by creating the most efficient routes according to your technicians' schedules, and manage your flexibility seamlessly.

The routing capabilities of ServSuite™ are designed to make your operations easier. Once you have found the perfect route setup, it is easy to re-apply it to all your other routes. By making use of our intelligent pest routes optimization, you can save on gas and labor.

intelligent routing
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Marketing is all about making your brand better. Our software for pest control businesses comes with plenty of marketing features.

With the ServSuite™ Smart Branding option, you can enhance your image, create ads from your forms and emails, and choose from a wide array of designs for your documents. With that, you can give your customers a professional image and utilize the latest designs.

Our Print to Mail feature has also been improved, allowing you to review your documents in a PDF format and upload the exact image to the print house. This makes the entire customer process easier and faster, saving you money in printing equipment and getting everything printed and mailed in color.

You can send personalized promotional letters, emails, or export the information as you see fit. With our pest control marketing software, managing your prospects and using your customer list to directly promote your services is easier than ever before.


Known as one of the most dynamic pest control scheduling software platforms in the industry, ServSuite™ enables you to manage your schedules easily with drag and drop features. In times when scheduling is a multifaceted task, our software for pest control companies automates all tasks and saves time which would be otherwise spent on manual planning.

ServSuite™ is a standalone multi-platform application which integrates with ServSuite™. With it, you will get a calendar for your scheduling and drawing features, helping you use the very best of our mapping and location services. You can store and manage digital proposals, take credit cards, and take electronic signatures with ServSign™ when your documents are ready to be signed.

Finally, ServSuite™ gives you the perfect schedule parameters which can be used for all routes, and a new automated way to organize your schedule and daily routes.

field service pest marketing software

Contactless payments

ServSuite™ revolutionizes payments on the go – with quick and contactless payments that integrate invoicing and billing in a single platform. You can take advantage of our Account Management, view your payment history, edit work orders, as well as configure discounts and payment plans.

With our pest control booking software, accounting gets a lot easier. ServSuite™ is optimized for easy billing and gives your customers itemized bills which are easy to understand. The ability to customize each of your billing accounts is backed by a Credit Card Processing feature, which means that it can automatically take account charges and offer more convenient billing options.

The billing and invoicing pest control business system lets you manage all of your past due accounts, offering automation for every single account with one click. You can automatically customize your company’s servicing plan, match your billing and invoicing to your client’s needs.

Mobile Pest Control Software

Fully mobile, ServSuite™ works as an application and lets you stay in touch with your office operations, no matter where you are. Whether you are managing your office staff or field technicians (in the field), our mobile pest control software is built to keep work orders and customer accounts ‘in sync’ with events at the office.

With Servsuite™, you can sync all of your work orders from mobile to the core application. In that manner, it gives you integrations and allows you to keep your office and field staff connected. While your work orders are completed in the field, you can sync the field orders with the core software for a seamless workflow.

The paperless environment with work orders and proposals can help you save time and money, taking all of your paper-based documentation to your mobile screen and core application.

ServSuite™ is a standalone multi-platform application which integrates with ServSuite™. With it, you will get a calendar for your scheduling and drawing features, helping you use the very best of our mapping and location services. You can store and manage digital proposals, take credit cards, and take electronic signatures with ServSign™ when your documents are ready to be signed.

Finally, ServSuite™ gives you the perfect schedule parameters which can be used for all routes, and a new automated way to organize your schedule and daily routes.

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intellegent routing

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Our pest control software can be used for all routes, residential and commercial. In the commercial environment, you can benefit from features such as barcoding and advanced tracking. ServSuite™ is a mobile-friendly pest control GPS software that tracks the location through a GPS device, easily installed in your company vehicle(s).

The benefits are numerous, starting from real-time tracking, automated updates about your vehicles’ whereabouts in any set interval, advanced reporting on your drivers’ behavior, integrated dispatch, scheduling features & more.


Automated Print-to-Mail service is something our team at ServicePro™ prides itself on. We help pest control business owners spend more time running and growing their businesses. The Print-to-Mail service comes without a contract – whenever you click, we will email your images and documents (sent in PDF) and upload that exact image to the print house.

Stop worrying about buying toner, folding forms, stuffing envelopes and going to the post office. Start using the ServSuite™ pest control software and discover how statements, invoices, or renewals can be fully automated with one click.


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