Overcome COVID-19 With Our Field Service Management Software

If Covid-19 has taught us anything it is flexibility. Over the last six months, we have been told time and time again that we must be flexible in order to weather this storm. This has presented the field service industry with an unprecedented challenge. For pest management, lawn care, and arbor care companies this means leveraging technology is more important than ever before. Use our field service management software to successfully manage your business through the months ahead. 

Progress is Impossible without Software

Adjusting the way we operate during the pandemic does not mean losing out, it means changing up! Now is the perfect time to employ technology to do the jobs you cannot. While social distancing restrictions make door-to-door prospecting less profitable you can use field service management software to digitalize sales management! From digital proposals to e-sign, ServSuite™ gives customers all the tools they need to succeed. 

There has never been a better time to build your brand. Smarten up your printed and digital materials for maximum impact. ServicePro™ offers Smart Branding – a service providing customers with bespoke branded materials to enhance all touchpoints. 

The risks associated with using cash during the pandemic mean that your customers may be increasingly wary of paper payment methods. This is the ideal time to get their credit card on file and automate renewals with your arbor care, lawn care, or pest control software. ServSuite™ offers a complete contactless billing and payment management solution to guarantee your business’ financial health during Covid-19. 

Stay Connected with Technology

Across the United States, social distancing restrictions are being eased but the CDC continues to encourage people to maintain a safe distance in order to slow the spread of Covid-19.  Keeping your customers and your employees safe continues to be a priority. But this begs the question, how to stay connected while physically apart?

Remote business management does not have to mean losing touch. The ServicePro™ commercial field service management software empowers you to stay connected with your customers throughout the pandemic. ServSuite™ equips you with a Client Web Portal, allowing your customers access to their basic account information for a seamless customer journey. Another benefit comes with our GPS pest control software. It provides managers with an effective way to stay connected and get insights into their techs’ locations and performance.

Harness the power of your mobile pest control software, lawn care, or arbor care software for optimum communication. Not only does the ServSuite™ Mobile Application keep your office and field staff in sync it also allows you to engage in two-way SMS messaging with customers so that they never feel forgotten.

Future Focus

Conventional wisdom claims that essential industries such as lawn care, arbor care, and pest control are recession-proof. As people spend more time at home and more time outside field service industries such as these are likely to see an increase in demand. Preparing for the future is key in order to seize the opportunity this presents. 

Choosing the right field service technology is an essential step towards a successful future. While you might start out with a free field service management software such as ServBasic™ as you grow you will need a program that grows with you. ServSuite™ is a scalable solution, endowing you with the full range of tools you need to build a successful, future-focused business.  

Ensure that each stage of your business can be managed remotely with the right field service software. To find out more about how ServSuite™ can help your business build sustainable growth, schedule a discovery call today.

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