We have just finished and made available our New Scheduler for pest control! It’s been built using a more modern technology. It’s completely mobile-friendly, with improved functionality and more stable than ever.

The New Scheduler gives a visual representation of work that needs to be completed. You can find it in the Main Menu, under New Scheduler (Beta). When you go to the Build option, you can select a date/date range, select your route, even use the ‘search’ option in each of the drop-down menus. Our New Scheduler gives you the option to mark your Favorite Route when you’re out in the field performing pest control services, and have it on easy access for whenever you might need to go back to it. You can add estimates, add leads, and add programs and events with drag & drop.

New Scheduler Preview

ServSuite New Scheduler

The New Scheduler for pest control companies is incredibly visually intuitive. It allows you to color code events according to criteria you choose. You can also input custom wording to display text on each service. Further on, you can choose to see Icons, such as, print, confirmed, specific date, etc.

The New Scheduler allows you to print a Daily Route Summary sheet. This means you will be able to see all scheduled services for a certain day in one place. It also gives you the option to block a period of time for activities that are not services, such as lunch breaks, meetings, appointments, holidays, etc.


Quick Scheduler & Postal Route Lookups 

The Quick Scheduler for pest control services can be used to find other work orders from an Account Work Order. With it you can narrow down a specific route and day, where a work order can be rescheduled to work orders closer to your route. You will get a recommendation of a ‘Best Fit’ for your scheduled service.

In the New Scheduler, Quick Scheduler has been integrated with Postal Route Lookup. This is one of the new functionalities in the New Scheduler that we will discuss in the section below. By selecting dates, routes, address, zip code – it will auto-populate the postal route lookup info.

When you click on ‘Best Fit’, services will be lined up and color coded in the Scheduler. That way you will be able to best identify the proper time and date to schedule your upcoming service.

New Features In the ServSuite New Scheduler

Besides the sleek, cutting-edge design, the New Scheduler comes with new improved functionality that has the potential to provide you with a better work experience.

Let’s start with ‘Build’. You can now drag and drop the ‘Add New Account’ button on a certain date, time and route, so that when you input the new account information, or sell a service or program, the time, date, and route information will be automatically filled. The New Scheduler now allows you to select an entire month. It also allows for pre-defined Date Ranges that you can associate with your favorite routes. This will allow you to see this chosen date range, whenever you go to your Favorite Routes. To add to the new functionality, Quick Search has been redesigned to include the Search Account functionality. This will allow you to search through accounts, right from an account, using any criteria.

Day, Week, Month Preview

Day, Week, Month View in New Scheduler

In the New Scheduler, there’s a day, week or month view. The drop down menus have a search field where you can type your search criteria for quicker navigation.

To summarize, the old Scheduler is still there if you wish to continue using it. Please note that anything you add in the New Scheduler will reflect to the old Scheduler as well – so whichever you decide you use, you won’t be losing any data.

Feel free to call Sales or Support with possible questions.

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