pest control marketing softwareIn today’s and next week’s blog post we are going to put a new perspective on your current marketing strategy (if any). The marketing strategy we will discuss might not be directly linked to your sales. However, by building a strong brand image, solid online presence and reputation, and taking a step further to listen to your customers – you will give your company a chance of expanding and growing. It’s not always just about the ads you pay for!

Build a Dialogue with Your Customers

You have to turn your communication into a dialogue and find a channel that best works for you to do so. You need to create a space where they will feel heard and appreciated for their loyalty. It’s recommendable that this happens in a mobile-friendly environment (your website, your newsletters, and all your communication), since all recent studies show that most people receive their information on their mobile devices. Also, there are many tools nowadays that can help you measure the results and track the data you receive from your conversations.

One example of a constructive dialogue to have with your customers, is to ask them about previous pest control companies and services they’ve used. This way you will be checking out the competition and see what your strong suites and weaknesses are. You will have a better chance of retaining your customers if you know how to beat the competition!

Taking that Extra Step

Reviews are a very popular tool in digital marketing and a large boost to building a solid brand reputation! Reviews are also great for your website’s SEO. One way to get your reviews, is to offer special discounts to your customers. Another easy way to get them is to use ServSuite’s surveys.

Your employees are the face of your company. They are the ones that represent your business first-hand, therefore are a crucial part of your marketing strategy. They always need to be aware of promotions, and possible services they could offer to current customers. One way to get the best out of your employees is to make sure you reward them for extra steps they take in customer care and extra services they sell. The more valued your customers feel, the better the chances they would recommend your business in the future. You will probably agree that word of mouth is the oldest, most credible and cheapest way of advertising.

Now, you target your customers by their location. This means, your best and most creative marketing activities will need to happen around the communities you target. Be active in your community: whether it is through social responsibility and charity work, or smart placement of your advertisements – you need to think like your customers would.

Experiment with new channels. Whether it is a new social media channel, or funny mural painting advertising your services – always think out of the box and different than your competitors.

Another way to build up your brand is to get mentions by relevant sources. One way to achieve this would be to get your story picked up by a local newspaper. Be sure to have a blog on your website, and make sure this one is regularly maintained. You can write about season-specific pest control services. You can also post tips and training videos, or simply inform your audience of new services. Build a strong loyal community around your business.

Use Social Media as a Channel Of Communication

To conclude, in this web-driven world, social media are a must. One of the best ways to create that dialogue we’ve mentioned above with pest control service seekers. More about that next week!

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