Weather Covid-19 with ServSuite™

Covid-19 has created a new landscape in which businesses must operate. As social distancing becomes the new norm customers will expect every stage of their services to be provided in a contactless environment. The good news is that ServSuite™ is here to help. Using business management software allows you to run your operations while safeguarding both your employees and your customers.

ServSuite™ is widely known as pest control software, but did you know that it is a perfect fit lawn and arbor businesses too? Whether you are running a pest control business, lawn care business, or an arbor care business software is the best way to run every stage of your operations remotely. 

ServSuite™ Contactless Business Cycle

Make each stage of your business contactless with ServSuite™

Automate Marketing Campaigns

Customers are spending more time at home and therefore more aware of pests and yard issues at home. Make sure your company is seen by smartening up your branding. Stand out from the crowd with ServSuite™ Smart Branding. We will create unique, branded marketing materials customized for your business. Enhance both your email and mailing touchpoints to optimize every marketing campaign and maintain your growth despite the crisis. 

Make sure to keep your current customers in the loop about the new services that you are offering. With the ServSuite™ Marketing Module, you can easily launch campaigns with your current customer base with just a few clicks. Create and manage visual campaigns all in a contactless environment to build customers’ confidence in your business. 

Digital Sales Management

Social distancing means that deals are no longer sealed by shaking hands. Our ServSales™ module empowers you to conduct your entire sales cycle paperlessly. From creating accurate estimates with our remote measurement tool to signing contracts with E-Sign. By observing social distancing and managing contracts in a digital environment you ensure your customers’ confidence in your essential services. Our sales management software is a surefire way to keep your sales cycle healthy during the socially distanced months ahead.

The Mobile App and the other mobile capabilities have helped us create a fully mobile workforce reducing the amount of foot traffic into the office for those that have to be there.  Along with this; we are able to receive real-time information when services are being performed along with taking payments from the field to make us as efficient as possible.

Kurt Scherzinger, Scherzinger Termite & Pest Control

Run Completely Remote Operations

Whether you are concerned about managing residential or commercial services remotely, ServSuite™ can help you handle all your operations. ServicePro™’s powerful Mobile App gives your technicians all the tools they need to perform and track their services. Possessing both advanced drawing capabilities and equipped with a range of forms, the ServSuite™ Mobile App makes your business agile. Our Mobile App allows you to establish a stable connection between office and field staff. Not only does this keep your operations running efficiently but it also demonstrates your commitment to safety and professionalism at all times. 

Tracking your vehicles is even more important when your technicians are performing external services and crews are being reorganized to respect social distancing requirements. With ServSuite™ GPS you can stay informed about vehicle location and driver behavior remotely. GPS is fully integrated with all other aspects of our business management software and therefore provides real-time updates about vehicle whereabouts and driver behavior.

Some field service businesses are reporting scheduling conflicts due to Covid-19. With Intelligent Routing this is not a problem. By taking all important variables into account this ServSuite™ module allows you to create the perfect routes according to technicians’ schedules and optimize production. Our drag and drop technology means that you can manage all schedules and routes with just a few clicks. Automating scheduling and routing with ServSuite™ keeps your operations mobile and efficient whatever the weather. 

ServSuite™ is the lifeline of our business.  From account data to scheduling, all pertinent notes and documents are stored in ServSuite™ which makes communication with our clients and staff easy.  Contracts, proposals, and inspection reports are only a touch of a button away in Linked Documents.  Those documents can also be found on the mobile app which makes communication clear between inspectors and technicians. Our office team is teleworking at this time.  The ability to login to ServSuite™ from anywhere in the world has made working remotely very simple. 

Travis R. Aggson, American Pest Management, Inc

Set-up Mobile Communication to Stay Connected

Communication has never been more important than it is now. Staying connected with your customers without face to face contact does not have to be a challenge. With ServSuite™ keeping your customers informed of their service history could not be simpler, our Client Web Portal allows them to see all the important information in one place. 
Voice And Text Reminders are a handsfree way to keep your customers informed about upcoming services.  Not only do these reminders save you time and money but they also help to remind your customers of your business and services at a time where they may be easily distracted. With ServSuite™ Two-Way SMS, your customers can even respond to their service notifications. Allowing you to stay close to your customers and their needs while practicing social distancing. Stay connected with ServSuite™.

Process Contactless Billing and Payments

Handling cash is less and less desirable. Setting up and maintaining a cash-free environment is simple with ServSuite™. Billing can be handled efficiently with Print to Mail, click and mail your statements without ever sealing an envelope. Not only is this a safer way to mail your invoices but it also saves you time and money. 

With ServSuite™ check and credit card payments can easily be processed in a digital environment, mindful of the safety of your customers and your employees.

weather covid-19 with servsuite
Our pest control business software can help you successfully weather COVID-19.

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