Happy PestWorld season everyone! Another year in a row, we are going to be joining NPMA’s largest event of the year. October 23rd to October 26th, 2018, PestWorld takes us to Orlando, FL. There we will be joining the many PC companies, product manufacturers and distributors working towards the betterment of the industry.

This year, at booths #523, #609, and #1521 we will be showcasing some of the products we have brought to perfection. These products can help you automate your business and achieve the ultimate goal of saving time, saving money, and growing your business. This year is all about ServSensor and Intelligent Routing.

Intelligent Routing is the module that allows pest control companies to schedule the most efficient and economic routes when organizing their technicians’ day. You can schedule and reschedule by dragging & dropping, or choose the criteria by which you want to optimize your workweek. For example, you can choose your preferred routes and date range, taking into consideration technician shifts, lunch hours, work days, holidays, etc. And in case you’ve never come across ServSensor (booth #523) –  this is our 24/7 remote monitoring solution. It’s easy to install with any type of rodent or wildlife traps. It can be set up to send notifications by SMS or email when relevant activity occurs at your service location.

Visit us at our booths #523, #609, and #1521! Ask us about all the different ways we can help you automate your daily tasks. See you there!

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