At ServicePro pest control software, we not only give you new and high-tech modules to make your job easier, but we also keep improving the old ones. Our purpose is to keep making them better with each coming update.

What’s New With ServSuite Pest Control Software?

So, what’s new with the GPS 6.0 version? More features and more integration with ServSuite:

  • Leads and Work Orders: You can now see leads and completed/scheduled work orders live in the dispatch tab. This gives you a complete up to date view of each employee’s progress.
  • Fleet Management: The ServSuite Scheduler link can now be opened in the Dispatch tab from every vehicle route, which makes managing your fleets event more convenient.
  • Geofencing: Users are now able to create a geofence area by using a US ZIP code, and also assign a Geofence Alarm to manage by a point to point area or ZIP codes.
  • GPS WO History: Scheduled and completed work orders can now be seen in GPS WO History.
  • Route Management: You can manage and improve upon a route based on completed and scheduled work order locations. Users are now able to compare 3 routes: blue – the one suggested by their GPS device, purple – from the route starting location to all scheduled work order locations, and green – the actual route taken.
  • Customizations: GPS information can be customized for each vehicle by using GPS Settings. Users can choose what information they want shown in the module when viewing the vehicle LIVE. They can combine between vehicle name, route name, and employee name.
  • Speed Preferences: Users are now able to choose their preferred Speed unit (MPH or KPH) for speed information in the GPS module.
  • SMS Text Notifications: SMS/text notifications to users’ mobile phones are now an options for GPS alarm notifications. Users will have to approve a payment before using SMS notifications for some of the GPS alarms.

The ServSuite enterprise pest control GPS Module features a GPS unit installed into company vehicles. Once installed, it sends information to ServSuite real-time and integrates with other modules for a turnkey solution for managing assets, driver behavior, scheduling/dispatching, and pest control Fleet Management. It gives you information on Speed, Route, Engine Status, and Idle vehicles. It saves you time and money, and it may even help you qualify for a lower insurance rate.

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