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It’s never just another day at the office for pest control, arbor, and lawn care business staff. No two days are the same at a busy field service office. An office manager is the beating heart of most businesses. Being responsible for a number of indispensable tasks each day, from scheduling and routing to managing multiple communication channels to responding to spontaneous customer requests can be a real challenge. 

It’s safe to say that office managers wear a lot of hats. A field service software, like ServSuite, is uniquely designed to help make their lives easier.

There’s paper everywhere

Ask anybody who has worked in an office environment what their most hated task is and they are likely to choose the dreaded document management task that is filing. Some people say this is boring, others dislike it because it can be convoluted, but one thing everybody can agree on is that it’s far too time-consuming. According to Gartner, 20% to 30% of office staff’s working week is spent on document management. That’s a whole day. Each week. Wasted on a task that could be eliminated, if you make your business paperless. 

It’s important to point out that it’s not just filing that’s the problem. Document management is never trickier than when it comes to end-of-month processing. The time, and consequently money, spent on printing, mailing, and tracking is immense. Field service software can help reduce both the time and the costs associated with billing and invoicing each month. For example, ServSuite offers a Click and Mail service which not only takes the burden of printing and mailing off your hands but does so at a fraction of what you are currently spending. 

” Print-to-Mail might be the coolest thing ServicePro pest control software has done for our company, it is just a really neat touch and really helps us out tremendously.”

Matt Breda of Breda Pest Management

Adopting a field service software management system to reduce the amount of paper document management frees up time so that office staff can work on other tasks. Consequently, your business will be more efficient and productivity will increase. In addition to saving time, and therefore money, the more you reduce the time office staff spends on tedious tasks like filing, the happier they will be. And you know what they say, happy staff, happy life.

Nobody is on the same page

It’s hard to keep a handle on communication when the phones are ringing off the hook, messages are coming in thick and fast, and it seems like everybody comes to your office with their questions and issues. As we mentioned before, office managers wear a lot of hats, and being a communication hub is just one of them, but it’s an important one. Whether it’s liaising with technicians to ensure their schedules and routes or responding to customer questions, or the myriad questions that can land on office managers’ desks, technology can help.

A great first step is to empower your customers by giving them access to all their important account information. Imagine how many phone calls, emails, and messages can be cut from the to-do list if a customer can access their service history, billing information, and all other important information related to their account independently. By utilizing field service software that enables your customers to have their own Customer Portal, you are answering customers’ questions before they are even asked. This solution has the dual benefit of saving your office staff time while simultaneously enhancing the customer experience. 

Field service professionals know that changes to schedules can often happen at the drop of a hat. These updates to services needn’t be a hassle for office staff. According to PC Mag, 85% of smartphone users prefer mobile messages to emails or calls. Harnessing the power of text messaging is a sure-fire way to streamline communication and keep everybody in the loop. With ServSuite, you can set up text notifications for everything from service reminders to invoicing.

As we’ve explored in this blog, field service software can be a great advantage for a business. It has the power to improve customer satisfaction, service quality, and even staff morale – all the while saving you time and money. If you’d like to learn more about office automation register for SSU Lab: It’s an Office Life for Me, where we will hear from industry experts.

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