increase revenue with pest control software

Processing payments can be a real hassle, but streamlining this process with pest control software is a surefire way to improve your bottom line. Whether you are struggling with omnichannel payments or error-prone processes, exploring payment processing solutions is the first step on the road to simplifying this vital part of your pest control business.

Let pest control software do the heavy lifting

According to a recent Billentis Report, only 10 percent of the invoices sent worldwide are paperless; this means that the remaining 90 percent are liable to encounter high error rates and costs. Digital invoices have the dual benefit of being more cost-effective and more accurate, meaning that your pest control business can save money and increase customer confidence in your billing in one fell swoop.  

There are many solutions in the market for payment processing software, the key is choosing the technology that can be tailored to meet your business’s unique needs. ServSuite pest control software simplifies billing by giving you the power to customize every billing account to match your customers’ needs. In addition, the back-end database structure and design of our accounting system will allow you and your staff to quickly retrieve account information to make billing and invoicing hassle-free. The customization doesn’t stop there! ServSuite allows you to customize your annual customer renewal contracts per your business’s needs and automate their generation.

Automation, automation, automation

Payment processing is time-consuming and prone to errors when they involve a lot of manual labor. Automating key steps in the process is an easy way to save your office staff time while also reducing the margin for error, making for a cleaner accounting process overall. 

With ServSuite, you can automate payment requests by utilizing Convenience Billing and the Autopay Feature. Set up recurring billing with credit cards on file, saving you time and improving the timely payment of invoices. Collections can also be automated in a hassle-free way, reducing the labor spent on chasing payments. Pest control, lawn care, and arbor care companies can economize on printing and mailing costs with our Print to Mail service. Print to Mail saves you time and money with no monthly fee, no fixed contract, and no minimum.

Be flexible with payment methods

A recent report published by Worldpay suggests a dramatic decrease in customers’ use of cash;  declining 42% from 2019, cash will be the least used traditional payment method in 4 years. The decline of cash and customers’ preference for digital payments is a trend that can’t be ignored. Having a robust process for managing these kinds of payments is, therefore, a must. 

Customers increasingly prefer making payments by card. The ServSuite™ Integrated Payment Processing function allows pest management professionals to take customer payments on the spot for quicker, greener, and safer payment processing. Providing customers with a range of payment options not only increases their satisfaction with the business but also reduces account receivables. 

With ServSuite ™, you can meet your customers where they are by offering a number of options for taking payments, including but not limited to Quickpay, ServSign, and the Customer Web Portal.

Reduce account receivables

It comes as no surprise that account receivables are a huge issue for business owners. It is estimated that, in the US alone, $3 trillion is tied up in business’ outstanding accounts receivables, making collections an integral part of keeping revenue streams healthy.  

The ServSuite Collections Module does the heavy lifting when it comes to tracking account receivables. This powerful module makes managing collections easier, allowing a report of all past due accounts to be generated and Collections letters to be automated. Highly customizable, this module allows you to set up the Collections criteria as per your business requirements, and even keep track of calls made to the customer to settle their account. 

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