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Managing termite services during the busy months can cause a lot of headaches, so why not let termite management software do the heavy lifting? Termite services are big business, Orkin estimates that U.S. residents spend approximately $5 billion each year to control termites and repair termite damage. 

Termite services are required throughout the year but when swarming season sets in during April and May, these troublesome insects are more visible, meaning an uptick in requests for termite services from homeowners. Using termite management software for these services not only simplifies the process of carrying out inspections but also streamlines reporting and taking payments. 

Let technology do the hard work 

Pest management software can help improve how your technicians carry out termite services; ServSuite has all the tools you need to track, report, and bill for these. ServSuite even integrates with Sentricon® and QuickBooks ensuring that business owners are able to robustly monitor and efficiently bill for termite services. 

sentricon quickbooks business software integration

Drawings are necessary in order to provide the high-quality services that customers expect. When technicians arrive at a property to carry out a termite inspection they give an even better impression to the customer when they are equipped with the technology they need to take accurate drawings of the property, and where relevant, the damage. ServSuite has cutting-edge drawing capabilities that can be accessed from the mobile app to log the findings of the inspection in the most accurate way possible. 

A common problem pest control businesses experience is that thorough inspections can be cumbersome and inefficient. One simple change that business owners can implement is to adopt a solution that streamlines this task lightning the technicians’ workload in both a literal and metaphorical sense. By using a termite management system like ServSuite you can greatly reduce the equipment technicians need to carry with them while simultaneously automating certain tasks that would otherwise take up their valuable time. For example, the ServSuite mobile app empowers technicians to scan barcoded stations, complete WDO/WDI forms, and with a few simple clicks sync the findings with the account. This information can then be categorized, making reporting a hassle-free experience.

It is also equipped with the digital logbook.

Having the freedom to work remotely is now an essential part of running a successful pest control business. Pest control software like ServSuite makes this goal a reality by allowing technicians and office staff to access all-important service information from anywhere. With ServSuite, it is possible to access digital records of inspection logs, instead of taking up premium storage space in the office. Not only does having a digitalized termite inspection logs make your business more agile, but it also makes inspections more cost-effective over time and even helps keep the office tidier by reducing the amount of paper used.

Modernize payments to increase customer satisfaction

It’s no secret that offering flexible payment options gives any business a competitive advantage. Pest management software solutions like ServSuite can help streamline payments by utilizing a range of payment management features from payment automation to capturing digital signatures.

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A far cry from the paper-filled trucks of the 90s, nowadays a technician can paperlessly store, review, and sign forms and contracts for the account being serviced. ServSign allows files to be organized chronologically – and even allows you to check whether they have been signed or not. When a termite service has been completed and the form or contract is signed, this update can be synced with the core program, maintaining a dependable channel of communication between office and field staff.

Termite services are essential to protect property and the demand for these services is at a peak during these warmer months. Adopting a software solution like ServSuite not only saves time by removing the need to manually check bait stations but also helps increase customer confidence in your services by giving a professional impression.

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