Pest Control Software GPS Vehicle Tracking

ServicePro pest control software is working to launch an integrated GPS module for ServSuite users. We want to create a simple, easy to use GPS module to get you started quickly with immediate benefits to your operation and your businesses bottom line. Our module would not be a turn-by-turn GPS, it would function more in the way of vehicle tracking services. Having a pest control GPS system could provide a wide range of benefits to our pest control clients.

Insurance Reductions for Pest Control Companies

Having a pest control vehicle tracking GPS module could have insurance benefits to your company. With accurate reporting on your vehicles you may be eligible for lower rates and premiums. In case of accidents or thefts, vehicle data found in a GPS module could prove helpful for insurance purposes. Companies should check with insurance providers for more information.

Driving and Route History

A pest control vehicle tracking GPS module would allow pest control companies to compare plotted driven routes to the complete work orders by site address. Having a detailed driving history could be useful for analyzing efficient routes, training new field teams, reviewing completed work orders, and more. This can also be helpful in tracking wear and tear to vehicles based on amount of driving over a specific time frame.

Driving Reports

Detailed reporting is one of the dominant features of a useable pest control vehicle tracking GPS. Track speed limits on company vehicles, any hard turns, ignition starts, stops, or idles, accidents and more with simple reports from your software. Know exactly how your company vehicles are being handled in the field all through an integrated software module.
A ServSuite GPS Module – Coming Soon

ServSuite pest control software has developed a GPs module and it is currently being beta tested by a group of our clients. We hope in the coming months to have a fully functioning product to market to all ServSuite users. As an existing customer, the benefit of using our new GPS module is that it will be integrated into our current software and will have the simple interface clients are familiar with. Users will experience a unified platform that provides turn-key enterprise and a mobile solution. Track driving history, make detailed reports, and potentially receive insurance benefits with one dynamic software.

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