ServicePro™ CEO Andy Deering Launches ServSuite™ Insider

As a field service software provider we are always looking for fresh ways to stay connected with our global ServicePro™ community. We are delighted to launch our brand new video series – ServSuite™ Insider! In an effort to keep you up to date with the latest and greatest ServicePro™ innovations we will be sharing videos starring our CEO Andy Deering.

From now on, whenever we are getting ready to launch a new feature we will keep you in the loop via the ServSuite™ Insider video channel. Look forward to an insider look at the new ServSuite™ developments from those in the know. 

New Account User Interface

When we launched our new Account User Interface last month, we were excited to share the new optimized interface. We have made it more intuitive than ever before. From collapsible menus for easier viewing to widgets to prioritize the information you want to see and where. As part of the ServSuite™ Insider series, Andy Deering created a video with advanced tips geared towards helping you make the most of the new feature.

Basically, the New Account User Interface will enhance your experience when managing your customers’ account information. In the video, we take you through the functionalities that our customers know and love while giving you a guided tour of our pest control software’s improved design.

New Account UI

Powerful Reporting Engine 

Sometimes when it comes to custom field service reporting software it can be difficult to know where to start assessing the functionalities. We have excellent news, ServSuite™ Customizable reports invite you to build reports based on your business needs. In the new video, we take you through the flexibility and advanced filters the report engine has to offer. 

In essence, we engineered our mobile field reporting software to give you full control over the reports you create. By the time you have seen the video, you will be ready to assign reports based on user role, see work orders completed in real-time, and even action instant report turn around.

ServSuite™ Insider reporting engine
New Reporting Engine

ServSales Native App

You may already be familiar with our field service sales software module, ServSales. However, did you know that it can now be used as a standalone app too? Sit back and let Andy Deering CEO take you through key tasks that can be automated in your sales pipeline to increase opportunities and boost sales. 

When you think of mobile sales, a powerful mobile app is the first thing that comes to mind. The good news is that ServSales is that and so much more. From digital prospecting to processing credit card payments on the spot our advanced mobile sales pipeline software is the perfect solution. ServSales is designed for pest control, lawn care, and arbor care companies to help digitalize the sales process, including optimized door to door sales and e-sign features.

ServSuite™ Insider map
ServSales Native App

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