Your customers are the most important part of your pest control business. Managing all those work orders, invoices, reports, inventory, and field technicians is all for them. Since customers are such an integral part of any pest control company, it is vital that customer information is easily accessible and organized. With this in mind, we are extremely pleased to announce the release of ServSuite’s new Quick Search module. This free, added feature in the ServSuite pest control software allows you to quickly search for customer accounts and information, and even has a voice over IP phone system feature.

Easily Manage Customer Information in Your Pest Control Business

The pest control software Quick Search module makes finding customer information quick and simple. You can search through your customer database by customer name, company name, address, lot number, builder, and more. When the search results pop up, you can click on the customer you want to view and you will be brought to the Account Smart Portal. On this page, you have a wealth of information at your fingertips. The Account Smart Portal page contains all of the account information on a specific customer. Need to view work orders to be completed or payments that still need to be made? You can access all that information on that one page. You can also view that customer’s address, any notes you’ve kept about them, renewals, and service calls made. Having all of this information easily accessible and in one place will save you time and help your pest control business run more smoothly.

Access Customer Information During Phone Calls

The Quick Search pest control software module also has a voice over IP phone system. Basically, when you are on the phone with a customer, their name will appear on your computer screen in a small box. When you click on this box, all of that customer’s information will appear on the screen. You will be able to see their account number, name, company name, work orders, payments, and renewals. With all of this information right in front of you, you will easily be able to answer any questions the customer may have. This will not only save time for both you and the customer, but it will also greatly improve your business’s customer service!

Overall, Quick Search will make interactions with your clients faster and easier. With the phone system, you will no longer have to scurry to find customer information while you have them on the phone. We hope you will enjoy this new feature of our ServSuite pest control software, and we look forward to bringing you more tools and features in the future!

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