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In this blog post we are going to discuss the advantages of our integrated mobile solutions; or to be more precise how ServSuite GPS Vehicle Tracking integrates with the ServSuite Fleet Module and the Mobile App and how you and your business can benefit from using all of these additions to the ServSuite pest control software.

Pest Control Scheduling and Dispatching

When you go to the GPS Vehicle Tracking dispatch screen, one of the main functions here is seeing what is scheduled for the day, or seeing which technician is going to be servicing what area. A green colored pin will show a completed work order, and a purple one will show those that are scheduled. As soon as a work order has been marked as completed in the Mobile App and synced with the web application, this change will be shown in the GPS dispatch function. The change in the color of the pins comes from syncing with the Mobile App. What this means is that when you look at the schedule, which is integrated with the GPS Module, you will visually see the scheduled work orders and those that turn to complete status. You can see available times and technicians during the day in case you need to schedule an emergency or call back, for example.

Assigning Trucks to Your Pest Control Technicians

On the other hand, going into the Fleet Module, you will be able to see which truck has been assigned to which employee, and also, thanks to it being integrated with the GPS module – which route they are on. So while seeing information on the service vehicles in the Fleet Module you will be able to add in maintenance items for the vehicles, whether those are one time events, or recurring ones. You can also add the cost for this maintenance. When searching a vehicle in the list, you will be able to see all of this information: due dates, milage, etc. Which is more important, you will be able to see who is driving that vehicle currently, and because of integration with the GPS module, see where this vehicle is.

GPS Reporting Creates Efficiency for Your Pest Control Operations

In the GPS Module, there are numerous reporting functions. Thanks to the integration with the ServSuite Mobile Application, one popular management report allows you to easily see the work start times and end times of your employees’ work orders from the Mobile app along with their time clock for the day. GPS Vehicle Tracking also shows information related to driver behavior, for example, ignition on/off – so there will never be any time lost in between services. The report will match up that work order and site address so you can see when the technician arrived and left the customer’s site. This is also useful for you to offer better customer service – and always be able to show your customers real time information and how much time has been spent servicing their property.

This integration of both the Fleet Module and Mobile App with the GPS Vehicle Tracking Module creates a management scenario that is optimal for running your office.

For further question and pricing on these modules, please contact our pest control sales team.

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