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Running your field service operations has never been easier. The brand new ServSuite Enterprise Mobile App Bundle is designed to help you run a fully mobile business. Now, you can equip your business for success, access all the information you need with the touch of a screen and even make sales on the go. Below, we are exploring some of the app’s key features.

Streamline Communication Between Staff And Customers

If you ask a typical business owner about the methods they use to get feedback from their customers, handwritten notes would be among the top answers. However, as business grows, communication needs to improve, too.

You and your team may be spending countless hours each month going through notes, searching your email inbox, and trying to find and organize information. With the new Mobile App Bundle, you can say goodbye to wasting time searching for documentation and have everything on one device. From real-time updates to taking payments, the standard features of the mobile app are further enhanced with unlimited two-way notifications, meaning that you will always have control over any relevant updates regarding services from wherever you are.

Designed to solve the problem with handwritten notes and let your staff have everything at their fingertips, the ServSuite native mobile app for pest professionals organizes the information workflow while tracking and streamlining various activities. Your staff will have detailed information about every customer – from work orders to recorded observations, inventory used, and many other crucial functions. Our mobile solution eliminates the need for handwritten work orders on paper, and removes any confusion that may arise between the staff and your customers.

Make More Sales With The ServSuite Enterprise Mobile Bundle

Given the competitive nature of the field service market, every business is striving to boost sales and streamline their sales pipeline management. The ServSuite Enterprise Mobile App Bundle proudly features ServSales, which is a sales automation and native app designed to reduce the time spent on time-consuming tasks, freeing up time for work that cannot be automated.

With the ServSales field service management app, you can easily track and analyze data, run your entire sales pipeline seamlessly both from the office and the field. Prospect in the neighborhoods that you service with the help of the app’s mapping and location capabilities. Manage digital proposals, and see how the electronic signatures will save time and help your staff gather the needed information on every important document.

Click the photo to watch the YouTube video about our Mobile App Bundle. (https://youtu.be/aXB_JZuvDbU)

Get Instant Notifications About The Accounts You Service

From real-time updates to taking payments, our pest control mobile app is equipped with unlimited two-way notifications, meaning that you will always be in the loop as to any relevant updates regarding your staff’s services at any time.

You can easily set up automated two-way notifications for all of the accounts that you service, and keep customers informed about new updates. All you need to do is set the time and date, set the appointment, and finally choose your notification type – and you are ready to go!

Ready to empower your workforce, streamline communication, make more sales and run your business more efficiently? Click the button below to get more information and see for yourself how the Mobile App Bundle can take your business to the next level.

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