Your Pest Control Customers Can Now Sign Your Forms

ServSuite Lets You Store Forms, Proposals, and Contracts

One of the first things to come in 2016 is our newest feature ServSign, that gives users the ability to digitally sign forms, proposals and contracts – within the software. This new features was first introduced to our customers at this year’s ServSuite University that took place in February.

The way ServSign works is that once a document is imported into ServSuite, the person viewing it can review it, sign it and store it to a chosen account. All documents can be archived and accessed later on, sorted by time and date, and which is more important, users can view the status of a given document and whether it’s been signed or not. This feature makes it possible for users to go paperless with forms, proposals, and contracts and store them on their customer’s accounts.

If you want to know more about ServSign, please contact our pest control software sales department!

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