Customize forms that represent all the best things about your brand. At ServicePro we have developed a new feature on ServSuite Explore specially designed to help you with that. This new feature will enhance the presentation of your emails and your Print to Mail forms, and guess what? It’s very simple to do.

Templates to create better Forms
Form Template Tab on ServSuite Explore

Busy season is just around the corner for pest control businesses! There is no better time for you to freshen up your marketing materials. Whether you are promoting an existing service or launching an upsell campaign – the forms you send to your customers speak volumes about your business. For both email and Print to Mail, the ServSuite Explore templates are just the tool that you’ve been looking for. Customized forms allow you to produce tailor made forms not only branded but uniquely made for the specific campaign that you want to launch.

Check Out Our Email and Print to Mail Form Templates

Choose between Email or PTM templates
Choose between Email or PTM Templates for Your Forms

For emails, once you’re logged into ServSuite click on Explore and you’ll see the tab “Templates’. Select the template that’s right for you and customize the form with images from the bank or even upload your own! Having filled out your information you can add any specifics that you have for us in ‘notes’ and help us better understand the design you need. Once you’ve finished just hit ‘Send Request’ and we’ll take care of the rest. Easy, right? We’ll have your forms ready in just 10 business days!

Email form
Email Templates

As for print to mail, follow the same initial steps and select Print to Mail once you’re in Templates. You can select the watermark, footer and back page that work for you, add your notes and send the request through.

Print to Mail form
Print to Mail Form Templates

You can request as many customizations as you need! We will be bringing out more options in the near future, so stay tuned for more!

Still have more questions? Check out this easy step by step video that will guide you through the process of creating your perfect form!