how to choose right pest control software

What to consider when deciding on a new pest control software?

Pest management businesses can be reluctant to transition to new software. Even when they are working with a solution that they know isn’t right. The prospect of making the switch for these pest control professionals can seem too daunting.

The decision to adopt a new pest control software can be fraught with difficulties. Some challenges will be unique to your business and others are part and parcel of these kinds of transitions. Business owners cite concerns such as the cost, the time and resources needed for implementation, and training your team so that they can use it seamlessly. While these considerations are not to be taken lightly, don’t let them put you off a decision you need to make for your business to grow.

There are several facets to consider before implementing a new pest control software which we will discuss below. 

Keep efficiency in mind

It is important to be prepared for the challenges of adopting new technologies. But it’s also vital to do so without losing sight of its myriad benefits. While the initial cost may put you off, bear in mind that the return on investment will pay off in the long run. 

If you are not already using ServSuite, you may not be aware of the many efficiencies that pest control software can introduce to your business. By automating tasks such as inventory management, your business can save time and money month-on-month, making your operations more profitable.

Moreover, a software for pest businesses like ServSuite also has the potential to optimize your operations. For instance, Intelligent Routing has the power to increase productivity by 50%. Even though implementing this kind of solution requires a significant commitment, the results will more than pay off. 

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Think long term

It’s important to consider not only what your business needs right now, but what it needs to keep growing year on year. While there are many pest control software solutions available, not all will have the flexibility to grow with your business. 

When enquiring about software, ask about its enterprise capabilities. Not all software solutions offer the full range of robust tools you need to scale and grow. Our enterprise software ServSuite offers a full suite of solutions. These have been specially engineered for pest control, lawn care, and arbor care businesses to thrive. 

Not every pest control software will be right for every pest control business. Ensure you get a personalized one-on-one demo to get your questions answered. 

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