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Customer Data

A 'Date of Birth' Field Added to Accounts in ServSuite Pest Control Software

A while back, our partners ARM Solutions – who specialize in collections – sent out an announcement. It dealt with a new piece of legislation concerning required customer information. Starting this month, the requirements for reporting bad debt information to a consumer’s credit report will be changing. The new legislation will require a Date of…

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ServSuite’s Client Web Portal for Pest Control Companies (E-Connect)

preserve data with conversion software

This week, we’ve prepared a blog post for you going into details about E-Connect, the Client Web Portal for pest control companies, where users can login and handle their information. It’s an online customer access platform. E-Connect or Client Web Portal can give your company an easy-to-work-with professional image.

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Find It Fast with ServSuite’s Quick Search Module

Your customers are the most important part of your pest control business. Managing all those work orders, invoices, reports, inventory, and field technicians is all for them. Since customers are such an integral part of any pest control company, it is vital that customer information is easily accessible and organized. With this in mind, we…

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