busy season challenges

Summer is almost upon us. In many parts of the country, temperatures have already risen enough to increase pest populations. This year, as well as the normal busy season challenges, numerous pest control companies, are facing new obstacles. From unprecedented hikes in gas prices to labor shortages, pest control professionals are attempting to overcome stumbling blocks in order to attain the success they deserve. In this blog, we will take a look at some of the solutions available to businesses like yours and how you can implement them.

Don’t let labor shortages sabotage your productivity

Significant labor shortages are raging throughout North America and the world. Understanding the reasons for this is one path to finding a solution to keep your pest control business fully staffed. The pandemic has had far-reaching consequences for all kinds of workers, but perhaps more so for temporary workers. Due to the seasonal nature of pest control, many businesses rely on temporary workers. Since the pandemic started, retaining temporary workers has become increasingly difficult. One way to overcome this is to create a positive and rewarding working environment for both regular and temporary workers. When workers feel that they are being offered a career opportunity as well as paid employment they are more likely to stay.

Finding qualified candidates to fill all the roles required for success during the summer season is no easy task. However, there are handy resources available to help. The National Pest Management Association developed the Workforce Development Program to help pest control businesses like yours recruit workers and access useful resources to help with this endeavor. Not only can you post job openings, but you can also download the toolkit

Manage your way around supply chain issues

The truth is that no business is immune to supply chain issues at the moment. Pest management businesses have been hit hard by shortages, delays, and price hikes

The sharp increase in shipping costs has caused many pest control companies to reassess the decision to import materials. But now that local costs are also rising, there is no way around introducing pricing increases for services. This might seem like a tough choice. However, in order to stay profitable, it may well be necessary to do so. The first step in this process is to be strategic. Use pest control reporting software to pull data on how much you are spending compared to your profits. Making data-driven decisions will help ensure that you make the right decisions. 

The second step is to make sure you know your customers and that your customers know you. Communicating the value of your services can be done through multiple channels. These include methods such as emails, social media, SMS, and face to face. Make sure your customers know your worth. Alongside this, being in touch with your customers about the prices they are being offered by your competitors is key. It helps you establish pricing that communicates your value while staying within the boundaries of the market.

Last but not least, pick your moment. Finding the right time to announce the changes to your prices is essential. 

Harness efficiency to bypass rising gas prices

Over the last few months, we have watched gas prices skyrocket. This seemingly unstoppable increase is of paramount importance to pest control companies. Managing an efficient fleet is difficult at the best of times, and even more so during busy season challenges. Add to this the sharp rise in the cost of keeping vehicles on the road and you have yourself a challenge of gigantic proportions. The question everybody is asking is – how do I keep all my service vehicles in operation without cutting into my profit margin?

The short answer is routing software. Not only does routing technology increase efficiency it also unlocks visibility, meaning pest control business owners can see how technicians spend their time in the field. Combined with GPS software for pest control companies, this allows for more accountability on fuel wastage and unnecessary stops. With rising gas prices, adopting a solution like ServSuite Intelligent Routing gives technicians the potential to complete twice as many stops each day and secure success this season. 

Make sure your business thrives this busy season, contact the ServSuite team for more information on how our software can help you achieve your goals.

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