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With ServSuite™ arbor care business management software, you can grow your company. ServSuite’s strong architectural design makes it possible to run single or multiple branches. Customize our proposal building tools to suit your needs based on the services offered and the equipment required. ServSuite arbor care software can automate the way you estimate the cost of your services and the way you generate proposals, saving you time and money.

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ServSuite Arbor Care Software
has many unique features, including:

Scheduling to Meet Your Needs

The arbor industry works around schedules. Knowing when and where your arbor care technicians are going is key to managing a successful arbor company. ServSuite arbor care business management software makes scheduling easy. Schedule appointments and block out times in the scheduler to show when equipment will be out on a job or create a time block in the system to show when there will be equipment downtime for servicing.

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Visual Route Optimization

Plan your arbor care schedules ahead of time with ServSuite software’s visual route optimization tool. Make the most of your arbor care service technicians’ time and maximize productivity. Routes can be visually outlined and changed as necessary, giving you the potential to add additional stops without having your employees work overtime!

Fully Integrated GPS for Scheduling and Routing

ServSuite arbor care business management software features GPS tracking to create the most effective schedules for your arbor care technicians. ServicePro arbor care scheduling software can monitor a vehicle with a GPS black box to compare the scheduled route against the completed route, allowing you to keep your technicians on the most efficient route and ensuring your arbor care business maintains a high level of productivity.

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ServSuite business management software for fleet vehicles

Fleet Management Services to Maintain Functionality in the Arbor Care Industry

ServSuite arbor care business management software provides a fleet management module to help maintain your tree care service fleet. Equipment is expensive and requires regular servicing to maintain functionality, keeping your arbor care business going. With ServSuite arbor care software, you can add vehicles and other equipment to service lists to keep track of when a truck requires an oil change or when a chipper needs to have the blades sharpened. The built-in cost tracker helps you plan for expenses as well as downtime so that you can plan your work schedules accordingly.

Mobile Scheduling with ServSuite Mobile Arbor Care Software

With the ServSuite Mobile software application, you have a complete companion to the ServSuite Arbor web application. Capable of arbor care scheduling, the ServSuite Mobile arbor care software allows your arbor technicians to go out and complete services, update customer information and create invoices just as easily as with the full ServSuite web application.

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Job Costing and Line Item Proposals for Your Arbor Company

ServSuite arbor care business management software takes into account that there are numerous factors in the cost of tree care jobs, allowing you to enter in multiple variables, such as the size of the tree or job, the type of equipment used and their associated costs, the time a job will take, and the staffing required. ServSuite arbor care software allows you to create a line item proposal for each arbor care job, detailing all of the factors that determine the cost of the work to be completed. With ServSuite arbor care software, you can create invoices and statements that your customers will be easily able to understand.

Arbor Industry Area Measurement Tool

ServSuite arbor care business management software also offers a measurement function, allowing your arbor care technicians to take and enter measurements for landscaping planning. Arbor care and landscaping often overlap, and ServSuite™ Arbor helps your tree care company offer a full range of services.

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Marketing for Arbor Care

Combined with the new ServSales function of the ServSuite arbor care business management software, the existing Marketing module of the ServSuite arbor care software allows you to take your existing customer database to generate a client list which fits a certain set of criteria. With this list, you can send promotional letters, emails, or simply export their information in the most convenient way for your business. Each arbor care marketing campaign is stored on separate accounts so you understand which client belongs to which campaign. These separate campaigns allow you to report on which strategies were most successful for your arbor care business.

Print-to-Mail for Statements, Invoices, and More

With the ServSuite arbor care business management software, ServicePro offers the option to take advantage of print-to-mail services to automatically create statements, invoices, and more to help your arbor care business. Our services have now been improved by allowing you to review the documents to be sent for printing and processing in PDF format. Once reviewed, the image is uploaded to the print house. This means the whole print-to-mail process will be easier and faster while saving your arbor care business thousands of dollars in labor and toner. Never worry about stuffing the envelope and mailing out your statements and invoices. With the ServicePro print-to-mail service working for your arbor care business, everything is automated!

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Accounting and Billing for Arbor Care Business Management

The arbor industry is an expensive business, requiring large and costly equipment. With ServSuite Arbor, you can track all of your expenses and run management reports to help monitor your overhead. ServSuite arbor care business management software comes with a full suite of accounting, billing, scheduling, and marketing features. Keep your arbor care business working smoothly with the ServSuite accounting module, and accept online payments through the E-Connect system.

ServSuite Features

ServSuite provides a wide variety of tailored features and functions for your arbor care industry. Whether you are in need of scheduling software, a mobile app, or business management software, we have the software solution to match your needs.

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