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If you want to start promoting your field service business online, you should have a marketing strategy in place. Reaching customers – or potential customers – with online marketing is a practice that requires commitment and focus. 

Not sure why your field company needs digital marketing? Let’s count the ways:

  • Cast a wider net to get more prospective customers
  • Keep up with your competitors and their online marketing efforts
  • Target your audience effectively, based on gender, language, location, and interests
  • Track your performance easily with the help of specific analytic tools
  • Discover an affordable way to drive new leads and traffic consistently

This guide will show you some of the best online marketing basics for field service businesses to help you create a successful strategy for your unique needs.

1.Know your market

The first thing you should focus on is knowing your market. You probably know your ideal customers, but there is more to know from the prism of your online marketing efforts. You need to develop a strategic marketing plan and ask yourself what kind of demographics best describe your target customers. You can later use this plan to create targeted promotions, look for new leads, and explore different ways to grow your revenue.

2.Be reachable 

Great customer service is a must in the online world. If people can’t contact you, they will likely choose a competitor they can more easily reach. That is why you need a well-established online presence. Your profits can be determined directly by how easy it is to find your field service business online.

Whether it’s your website, Google My Business (GMB) profile or social network list, you need to look up your business online and ensure that you are present everywhere with current information. Creating social media accounts goes a long way – even if you can’t update them, you can still link to your website and host your contact information there.

3.Give people ways to book and pay online

If you want to go one step further, you should set up a system where your potential customers can book appointments and preferably pay online for your products and services. While the latter is not a must, giving people ways to directly engage with your services can be a powerful way to grow both your customer base and their satisfaction in the online world. Customers want you to meet them where they are when it comes to payments, and this means making sure their options are diverse and flexible. A solution like a customer web portal is a powerful way to empower customers, giving them access to their account history and allowing them to pay at their convenience. 

4.Target your field service business ads

Knowing your market lets you target your ads to specific people or companies. You can save lots of money by pinpointing the people who are most likely to need your service. For instance, you can target your online ads to people who have been looking up keywords relating to your services or use a remarketing tool to serve ads to people who have already visited your website. In addition, running different promotions for different target markets will let you see how you can better advertise your field service business in the future.

5.Focus on online reviews

People trust reviews a lot nowadays. Sites like Facebook, Yelp, and Angie’s List are some of the places where your leads go shopping for services. Word of mouth is one of the most deciding factors for someone choosing a field service company – around 86% of consumers read reviews before getting in touch. So, do everything you can to encourage your customers to like you, follow you, and rate you on reviews apps – whether it’s giving your customers discounts for doing that or sharing a link to your online booking tool.

Final thoughts

Field service businesses focusing on online marketing can make significant cost savings and gain lots of new business every week. The cost of this type of marketing is often much lower than new customer acquisition, which is why it makes sense to try it for yourself and see how many potential clients you can get.

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