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ServicePro™ is best known for developing pest control software, but did you know that we also offer arbor care software? From a powerful mobile app to GPS to manage your fleet, ServSuite™ makes it easier, faster, and cheaper to run your business. Here are five arbor care software tools to help your business thrive.

Manage Sales from the Field

Keeping your sales pipeline healthy has never been easier! By using an arborist software you can manage your entire sales pipeline in a digital environment. From digital proposals to e-sign, ServSuite™ allows you to manage the prospect to customer journey seamlessly. 

By using an arbor care business system to manage your sales you can run a more efficient operation. This ServSuite™ module even integrates with your device’s GPS to allow your team to collect the addresses of areas they are already servicing – making them potential customers. They can even start work orders and create detailed digital proposals on the spot – including photos of the property to add to the proposal.

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Set Up Mobile Operations

Set yourself up for success by going mobile. Running a mobile operation is especially important during Covid-19. The ability to manage schedules and make real-time updates on the fly is essential in order to adapt to the current situation. Acquire an app that can be integrated with your core arboriculture software for a seamless mobile operation. ServSuite™ allows your arbor crews to go out and complete services, update customer information and create invoices just as easily as with the core program.

Leverage GPS Vehicle Tracking

Did you know that if you use GPS to track your vehicles you can apply for cheaper insurance premiums? Tracking your team and your fleet is a task that can be easily automated with our arbor care software tool. This tool helps you run a more efficient operation and also empowers you to make data-driven decisions through reporting. 

ServSuite™ not only allows you to track your vehicles in real-time, both the speed and location and even the drivers’ behavior. A great bonus is that this module allows you to compare the routes you had planed with the routes that were taken. By automating reports on the route taken while completing a work order you can enhance the way you run your business for optimum success.

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Optimize your Routes for Maximum Productivity

It is no secret that your arbor care business needs to be as efficient as possible to optimize your resources. In uncertain times ensuring that you are leveraging all the tools you need to make this happen is key. 

The ServSuite™ arborist software solution allows you to manage your routes simply. Optimize your crew’s time to maximize productivity during the working day. The software uses advanced algorithms to factor in a range of variables to create optimized routes for your crew. The best part is that you can pull reports on this for optimized performance long term.

Networking is an Investment in your Business

The Arbor Care community is broad. Networking is a great way to share and learn from others in the industry. Connect with others who share a passion for arboriculture to enhance your knowledge. While social distancing makes face to face meetings more difficult, social media can be a great place to network. 

ServicePro™ is the founding partner of the Facebook group Women in Tree Care. It was set up to help women in the industry connect. It’s a place to share articles, promote events and training opportunities, and much more. As an arboriculture software provider, ServicePro™ takes an active interest in the development of the industry and participates regularly in TCIA events.  

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