Resolutions Field Service Businesses Should Implement

New Year’s resolutions are not just for self-improvement. In fact, resolutions are a necessary part of making 2021 a successful year for your business.  Firstly, it’s important to look back on the year gone by and address areas for growth. Secondly, in a competitive market like the field service industry, resolve to streamline your sales pipeline for sustained growth. Last but not least, get creative to find ways to stay connected with your customers no matter what surprises 2021 has in store. 

Harness the power of reporting for data-driven success 

This time of year, we look back on 2020, reflecting on what we could have done better in order to elevate 2021. Every field service business is unique and thus every business will have unique goals. Nevertheless, the tool that pest, lawn, and arbor businesses need to pave the road to success is the same. ServicePro™ designs field service software solutions to meet the specific needs of these industries. Over the years we’ve identified a growing need for powerful reporting tools. We hear from our customers that they need a reporting solution in order to make advantageous decisions.

ServSuite™ field management software is equipped with a powerful reporting engine to help you work smarter and make impactful business decisions in 2021.  

Cut the fat from your sales pipeline 

A lean, seamless sales pipeline is not the only process you need for success in 2021 but it’s certainly necessary. Due to the pandemic readying your sales team for the year ahead may be a little different this year. Because face-to-face contact might be considered risky, now is the time to implement a digital pipeline. Not only does a paperless sales management software empower you to run more efficient operations, but it also allows you to go after sales while abiding by social distancing guidelines

Operating a remote workforce is a trend that looks set to continue in 2021 for the field service industry. This is great news for operation costs! Remote working means reduced overheads. However, first, you must make sure you are set up for success with a mobile sales team. By utilizing technology like the ServSuite app your representatives in the field will be ready to seize every single opportunity. Moreover, tools like digital cloverleafing, digital estimates, and e-sign will help you track which sales strategies are successful to promote them further.

ServSuite™ powers ServSales, a complete sales pipeline management software solution. This software is designed to help to manage your sales pipeline seamlessly from the office and the field. 

Get creative to keep connecting with customers  

Here at ServicePro™, we believe that it’s relationships that make us what we are. The digital transformation of customer relationships is a trend to keep in mind as you plan for the year ahead. Covid-19 has meant adapting the way we connect with our customers. By getting creative with social media and harnessing the power of technology you can nurture customer relations all-year-round.

The customer-first approach is the cornerstone of the field service industry. With this in mind, resolve to adopt solutions that enable you to maintain that focus. No matter what challenges lie ahead, ensure that you have all the tools you need to work around them.

At ServicePro™ we launched ServSuite™ Insider– a web series led by our CEO. Our vision is to keep our customers in the know when it comes to new and exciting developments. Another exciting switch we made this year is our first-ever virtual ServSuite™ University. At first, we were disappointed to miss out on seeing our customers in person at our annual user conference.  However, we soon understood the unbridled power of the virtual environment for networking and learning. 

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