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How ServicePro Service Industry Software
Helps Manage Your Vehicles

vehicle management field service industry servsuiteServicePro recognizes that your field technicians all have their own vehicles, and managing them can be difficult. When were vehicles last serviced? How many miles were put on each truck last year? These are all important factors to keep recorded. Our fleet management module allows companies to track usage, service, equipment details, and maintenance on their entire fleet of vehicles and large equipment. These tools allow companies to more efficiently manage their business vehicles.

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Drag and Drop Technology:
Schedule employees quickly and efficiently with ease

employee scheduling management field service industry servsuiteThe ServSuite Scheduler is the most dynamic scheduler of its kind. The scheduler uses drag and drop technology to allow the user to instantly complete tasks that would normally require multiple steps and time. Tasks such as appointment rescheduling, changing the technician for the appointment, or adding new services without ever leaving the scheduler are completed with ease by using ServSuite Scheduler.

Multi-Route view lets you see multiple routes and schedule items on them at the same time. Scheduling from this view is as easy as any standard view. Simply drag the service, estimate, or request down to the desired route and time slot and release.

The ServSuite software scheduler gives you advanced options in creating a work pool. To create a work pool, you can choose by service, estimate, request type, specific zip codes, specific routes, service center, date range scheduled, confirmation history, and work pool history. After processing your criteria, the main scheduler screen changes to display the results. With these results, you can select the best client to call, maximizing the effectiveness of your routing. After confirming the stop, it is removed from the work pool list. Manage employee scheduling and routing all from one simple service industry software!

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Make Paying Commissions Easier

ServicePro has the ability to track and generate your company's employee sales and production commissions in several different ways. When tracking sales and production commissions you will be able to pay based upon point-of-sales, work completed, money collected or a combination of all. We have several different ways to format and generate the commission reports you need.

Pay commissions:

  • Per employee

  • To multiple employees for the same job

  • As services are sold

  • For the primary and secondary sales persons

  • For primary and secondary production person

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Inventory Moduleinventory managment field service industry servsuite

ServSuite was designed with the ability to track inventory levels down to the warehouse, truck or person. It allows you to convert and track chemical quantities from the moment you purchase them to the time you use them. If you ever question the amount of chemicals used by branches, trucks or personnel, ServSuite service industry software is the program for you. Manage Inventory with ease!

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Maximize Daily Production with Optimizedvisual routing ServSuite service industry software Routes

Save your company money with ServSuite Visual Routing. Visual Routing software allows you to optimize your routes ahead of time to maximize your production. You simply plot the route desired, then visually outline and make changes to the route as needed. Keep technicians in the same area on the same day. This powerful tool ensures productive operations.

Easily Fit More Jobs in a Day with
ServicePro Field Technician 
Routing Software

What if all of your field technicians were able to not only complete their scheduled appointments but also add additional stops without having to work overtime? ServSuite software makes that possible!

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Get Real-Time Updates in a Set IntervalGPS Tracking Get Real-Time ServSuite Software

ServSuite has a built-in GPS program which allows you to install a GPS black box in your vehicle, getting real-time updates in a set interval. The best part of this program is it allows you to compare the planned schedule with where the vehicle is and actually went. Because ServicePro software started by being your back office route optimization tool, it now offers a complete tracking solution. Please ask us about this real time GPS tracking solution.

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