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Customer Management Software
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Customize Your Company's Servicing Plan Automatically

ServicePro has taken the renewal system a step further. Most programs will allow you to generate your renewal letters through an expiration date, but ServicePro service industry software ties it together with a full servicing plan. This ensures that all of your annual customer renewal contracts will be automatically generated, therefore giving you the management information needed. Your customers receive a letter with a perforated stub at the bottom to tear off and mail in with their payment. The letter will have a paragraph area that can be customized per notice with an expiration date and renewal amount.

Customer Renewal Highlights

  • Customized to your company's needs

  • Custom reporting for renewals only

  • Custom renewal setup for your company needs

  • Auto booster pest control/lawn/arbor treatment service creation

  • Customized service billing cycles for any type of renewal program

  • Automate pest inspection/lawn service/arbor care based upon the payment of the renewal

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Interact With Your Phone System

ServSuite now has a service industry software that is interactive with your phone system. As a customer calls, it can identify the caller ID and quickly pull that account information. In addition to identifying the account it also shows you information you need to access quickly such as leads, estimates, outstanding work orders to do, and recently completed information. Cut down the time it takes for your agents to field customer service calls.

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Automatically Confirm Your Service Appointments

This module will help you confirm appointments for upcoming services. Instead of calling all of your customers separately, ServSuite Notifications can automatically do it for you. Just enter the times and dates you want for the notification and the appointment in question, choose the notification type, and ServSuite will get the job done! No startup fee, no contract, no minimum usage requirements - and a cost of only $0.08 per call!

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Customer E-Connect

ServicePro's E-Connect online portal allows customers to connect to your website and access information that pertains to their account. This feature is often compared to online banking.

E-Connect Features

  • View requests from customers

  • Accept customer payments

  • Track customer activity

  • Grant security right

  • Mass e-mail renewalse-connect management field service industry servsuite

  • Mass e-mail postcards

  • Mass e-mail pre-notifications

  • Pay Invoices

  • Request additional services

  • Print invoices and statements

  • View findings on their property

  • Print WDO/WDI reports

  • View payments, statements & balance

  • View scheduled and completed services

How E-Connect Works

When using ServSuite Software E-Connect, the customer is assigned a user name and password that will automatically set their security rights to what you would like them to view. ServicePro also has an administrative password that will give your company staff access to the site and collect requests that customers have been making to your company online.

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