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ServSuite Mobile Field Service Software

ServSuite Mobile is an innovative addition to the ServSuite service industry software family. It is not just an add-on module, but a complete companion to the ServSuite web application. With the ServSuite Mobile software application, you can access the following features of the ServSuite program:

  • Synchronize technician schedules

  • Reschedule services

  • Send enroute email

  • View service/estimate history

  • Perform services

  • View basic account information

  • Complete proposals

  • Follow up on leads

  • Track usage

  • Map and directions

  • Add events

  • Take a payment

  • See real-time productivity

ServSuite mobile management software allows you to go paperless with work orders and proposals while managing and tracking usage in the field for better customer service. ServSuite Mobile gives you the opportunity to check, manage, and process production and leads on one easy-to-use screen.

ServSuite Mobile is available on multiple platforms, and can easily be accessed by a service technician from the following devices: iPad/ iPhone, Android Tablet/Smartphone, and the Windows tablet. This money-saving feature gives you access to vital information no matter where you are or what platform and device you have.

With our mobile field service industry software, you or your on-site technician can connect with or without a mobile data connection. Plus, you can synchronize in real time with the ServSuite web application, whether in the office or out in the field. You can also choose the level and degree of security for each user. All these features are there to help with your mobile software needs.

Multi-Browser Compliant Software for Service Industry Field Service

mobile field service industry servsuiteServSuite Mobile Software is the only multi-browser, multi-platform-based software solution available to your service industry. Its powerful architectural design allows you to operate a single branch or multiple locations all over the world, and on any computer platform. Whether your device or gadget is an Apple, Android, or Windows tablet platform, you and your field team will have access to ServSuite. You don't even have to worry about operating the software in a different language. It's that user-friendly.

Our base mobile service software product was created on a versatile framework with many components of a very popular multimedia platform, giving it a cutting edge, robust functionality - all hovering around a database structure designed for field service companies utilizing mobile device integration.

Android Service Industry Software Applications

Are you an existing client reading this on an Android device? If so, please click below to download ServSuite Mobile service industry software.

Please note the application requires the Adobe Air Runtime to be installed on your device. Please click below to download the Air Runtime.

adobe air mobile field service industry servsuite

Access ServSuite Business Solutions Software
from All the Most Popular Browsers

multi browser mobile field service industry softwareThis is the first multi-browser program available to your industry. Our ServSuite service industry software is capable of running in many different web browsers, like Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Safari RSS or Internet Explorer, on various operating systems such as Linux, Apple, and Microsoft. This allows your company to save thousands of dollars on software licenses and hardware. Harnessing this flexibility allows you to connect anywhere in the world, so you can run reports on the weekend at home, get customer account information from a hotel or bring up data directly on a mobile device. Your company is investing in a technological partnership with ServicePro service industry software.

ServSuite can run locally on your computer without an internet connection or through the internet on multiple browsers. When you operate service industry software with this magnitude of technology it will allow you to set up your network with maximum security while enjoying the ultimate in functionality.

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Platform & Hardware of Your Choice for Service Industry Software

Our mobile management software runs on both Windows Mobile and CE.Net, the two most robust mobile platforms available today! By running both of these Platforms, you can choose handhelds from many different manufacturers.

How Do Handhelds Work?

hand held mobile field service solutionsOur handheld software application is designed to load based on the scheduled date of services, which can be located in our scheduler. In the field, the technician can ensure they are connected to the internet, select a date range for services to load, and input dates and the customer's information in the handheld. This process is very similar to the way the same information would be referenced in a paper environment. After services are started and completed in the field, it then electronically downloads many different details of the service to the customer's record in your database that would normally have to be manually posted. Alternatively, a customer can use a handheld to manually upload and download completed work via batch syncing through wireless or wired connectivity through a computer.


  • Date / Time Stamp the Job - Customer Signature - Findings – Recommendations

  • Capture Latitude and Longitude coordinates

  • Application Method - Chemical Usage - Job Instructions - Accept Payments - Reschedule Services

  • Previous Service Completion Dates - Scan & Track Multiple Devices

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ServSales is ServSuite’s Newest Marketing Module

ServicePro is always looking for more ways to help expand your business. With the all-new ServSales module for ServSuite Mobile, your technicians can market your company’s services to the surrounding homes and businesses of your existing customers.

ServSales is fully integrated with ServSuite Mobile’s GPS features, allowing address capture of any doors your technicians approach for new business. ServSales can add customer names to captured addresses and write notes for new customers. You can even start work orders on the spot. For ServSuite and ServSuite Mobile, ServSales is the newest feature in ServicePro’s service business software family for company growth.

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Columbus, OH (E-Release) - ServicePro is proud to announce the release of the newest addi-tion to the ServSuite family of products, ServSales.  ServSales is a standalone application that integrates with ServSuite for a web-based or mobile sales production tool. 

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