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History of ServicePro,
the Leader in Field Service Management Software

servicepro history field service industry servsuiteRichard Deering, Owner/CEO of the company, established ServicePro Software over 20 years ago. Earlier in his career, Richard started a lawn/pest service business that grew into multiple branches. During the expansion of his business, a lack of detailed reporting made it difficult to make sound business choices. This led Richard to develop his own pest control software program. The first version, which ran as a Windows desktop application, revolutionized his business by delivering the information needed to help make informed business decisions. After discovering what this software application did for his business, the decision was made to take it to the open market and offer it to other companies in the lawn/pest service industry.

The desktop application took the industry by storm and was implemented by hundreds of companies throughout the United States. As technology improved and emerged, Richard identified how quickly the Internet was changing the way business was done so he decided to rewrite his desktop application into a browser based application. This enhanced browser-based architecture gave ServicePro the ability to market the software in other countries (multiple languages), while providing current clients a natural technology path to upgrade their existing software.

Today the ServicePro software is being used in over 2000 companies across the world. With the addition of lawn care and arbor care to the ServSuite software system, ServicePro plans to continue this path of excellence.

The ServicePro Philosophy

philosophy history field service industry servsuiteServicePro Software is built on a reputation of integrity, service and customer satisfaction. Every day, we continue to expand, improve and modify our systems to meet the requirements of the industry and the needs of our customers. We value support for customers - that's why we encourage adding 8 hours of training to you and your staff at the outset of implementing your software (and unlimited support after)!

Our goal is to provide an exceptional product that fulfills a need in the industry, makes your workload easier to manage, and helps your business increase productivity and profitability. Whether your issue lies in easier employee scheduling or mobile lawn care, pest control, or arbor care software, more than a decade of service and a growing list of satisfied customers tells us that we are accomplishing this goal.

A Business Software Company with Strong Values

Our Midwestern core values include a long-term business approach, which includes treating customers the way we would want to be treated. We give the customer a good value for their dollar along with the highest technology platform available to the industry. We strive to be your partner in building your business.

We are family owned and plan to be around for years to come!


We are a premier software company providing innovative high quality software and services to field service industries enabling customer business automation, expansion and growth.


Our mission is to empower our customers the opportunity to focus on their business development and growth by providing innovative and seamless software solutions with unparalleled development and support services.

Meet the Servicepro Team

Richard Deering

richard people field service industry servsuiteRichard got his introduction into pest control software management while growing up on a farm. He learned how to use pest control around the farm, which allowed him to discover the opportunities available in the pest management industry. Richard started his own lawn and pest management company 35 years ago. During this time, Richard saw the need for a more efficient reporting system that catered to the specific needs of his company. This was the beginning of ServicePro. Richard sold his lawn and pest management company about 10 years ago, but continues to have an active role in ServicePro service industry software as Owner/CEO. He continues to live on the same farm he grew up on.

Andy Deering

andy people field service industry servsuiteAs one of three children and the only son of Richard and Brenda Deering, Andy grew up learning about the family business. After graduating from high school, Andy joined his father in running the pest control software business. He started off as a technician in his father's lawn and pest management company, learning everything he could about the industry. After the company was sold, he then worked at ServicePro service industry software as a sales associate. As the company grew, Andy's position also grew to become head of the Support and Sales Department. Currently, Andy is the COO of ServicePro, overseeing all operations for the company.

Kim O'Connor

kim people field service industry servsuiteAs one of two daughters of Richard and Brenda Deering, Kim is currently the Chief Audit Executive of ServicePro service industry software. After graduating from Ohio University, Kim decided to join the family business as part of the sales and support department of ServicePro. She then moved on to be responsible for Data Migrations and Conversions, with her role eventually evolving to her current position of CAE.


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We offer unlimited tech support with our pest control and lawn care software solution 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. Whether you need help using the software or just want to explore how it works, our support team is available with answers.

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